Open Positions


Administrative Analysis Support Services Ft. Worth, Texas
Administrative Clerk III Washington, DC
General Clerk III Seattle, Washington


Construction Engineering Technician Ft. Worth, Texas


Construction Engineering Technician New Orleans, Louisiana
Construction Engineering Technician Key West, Florida
Construction Manager Key West, Florida

Information Technology

Medical Client Support Administration Sumter, South Carolina
Security Certification Assessor Tester Evaluator (SCATE) Level III Chantilly, Virginia


Logistics Readiness Reporting and Analyst Support Ft. Worth, Texas

Manpower and Personnel

Manpower and Personnel Analysis and Management Support Sumter, South Carolina

Program Support

Analyst (Junior) Washington, DC
Exercise Support Sumter, South Carolina
NADAP Prevention Specialist Millington, Tennessee
TO 84 Theater Security Cooperation Analysis and Management Support Sumter, South Carolina
Weather Operations Manager Sumter, South Carolina
Weather Program Manager Sumter, South Carolina
Weather War Planner Sumter, South Carolina


Anti-Terrorism/Physical Security Countermeasures/Contingency Planning Officer Chantilly, Virginia


Security Training Specialist II (Instructional Designer) Chantilly, Virginia

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