Maintenance Souderton, Pennsylvania


Position at Mopac


The welder/fabricator position must consist of the following but not limited to:

- Able to fabricate screw conveyors, pumps, guards or any other fabrication job and equipment through    the use of welders, cutters and measuring tools.

- Produce metal products according to specifications

- Perform finishing tasks such as grinding, painting, cutting, etc

- Set up, operate and maintain welding equipment

- Understand and implement personal and company safety measures by wearing specialized goggles, helmets, gloves and all other required PPE.

- Perform other general shop tasks as required

- Must be able to take direction and criticism effectively, as well as follow shop protocols.

- Must be willing to work out in the plant when the time comes even if the job does not require welding task.

- Ability to work independently and as a team.

- Has at least 3 years of experience


 Additional skills that we are looking for include the ability to read and understand steel and miscellaneous metals fabrication drawings, the ability to accurately read a tape measure, the willingness to learn and take direction from our veteran staff, a punctual and professional work attitude, the ability to operate various pieces of machinery, tools and equipment in a safe manner both in our shop and out in the plant.  Have a solid familiarity with steel fabrication, welding and steel installation, and an honest interest in producing a high quality level of steel craftsmanship on a daily basis.