Junior Administrative

Software Engineering Washington, District Of Columbia


Position at Apexon

Company Description:

Apexon is a digital-first technology services firm backed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Everstone Capital. We specialize in accelerating business transformation and delivering human-centric digital experiences. For over 17 years, Apexon has been meeting customers wherever they are in the digital lifecycle and helping them outperform their competition through speed and innovation.


  • Required Skills: 1-3 years of  excellent written and verbal communication skills, time management, and organization. Proficiency with MS Office and Word. Excellent note and meeting minute taking skills, ability to schedule meetings and conferences.


    Preferred Skills: Proficiency with the MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PPT)



    The Contractor shall assist the chief of staff and front office team with planning and coordination of OAFM front office tasks.

    • Assist in the development of AD, DAD, COS and front office leadership schedules, calendars, and day to day plans and support for the Front Office team, devise plans to meet unusual requirements or react to unanticipated changes.
    • Keep Senior Executive Service leaders informed and aware in a fast paced, competing priority type of environment.
    • Track assigned tasks and due dates; continuously maintain tasking document database and spreadsheets, as applicable.
    • Provide Confidential support to the Chief of Staff and Front Office team. This may include providing support to Senior Executive Service leaders, including the Assistant Director and Deputy Assistant Director.
    • Make all necessary arrangements for conferences and meetings, including supporting the Front Office estimate audio and visual conferencing requirements, such as Microsoft Teams.
    • Review incoming correspondences, publications, regulations, policies, and directives which may affect the AD, DAD or OAFM organization.
    • Determine the appropriate level of distribution and routing of incoming correspondences.
    • Prepare and review outgoing correspondence for proper format and policy and procedural adherence.
    • Support OAFM in preparation, editing, and reviewing written documents in English by typing reports, completing forms and a variety of other correspondences using standing Microsoft applications and software. This includes drafting, editing, and reviewing text for accuracy, syntax, correct grammar, word usage, passive voice, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, textual content of supporting graphics, spelling, and a logical presentation of information as requested by the Government.
    • Support the Government compose memorandums and official organizational correspondences in English, as requested by the Government PMs or CORs, and prepare for final signature.
    • Compose technical reports, papers, articles, and other technical materials which involve the latest concepts and developments in the financial / budgeting field.
    • Resolve problems and negotiate differences arising in terms of technical content, final formatting, and data presentation.
    • -Persuade others to accepts editorial changes to written documents before implementing final products and when there are conflicts with competing ideas.
    • Work with Government experts to review submissions, validate processes, recommend improvements, and ensure overall quality of published documentations.
    • Rewrite portions of technical materials to ensure that information is presented in a meaningful and meaningful way.
    • Prepare draft correspondences, format, and prepare final form in a variety of documents for clearance / signature of the Government PM, ensure clarity, accuracy in content, according to the OAFM’s standards and policies.
    • Assist the Government coordinate, prepare, and develop virtual and /or physical conferences, and activities including preparing agendas, compiling, and assembling background information for documents or final reports, on an as needed basis by the Government.
    • Support the OAFM leadership with in-person support to support approximately up to 400 people, including supporting the Government, managing logistics and compose summary notes, as requested by the Government.
    • Support the Government compose standard operating procedures (SOPs), job hands, manuals, etc. for different activities, as directed by the Government.



  • Bachelor's Degree in related field is required

If you feel that this is a good match for your skillsets, please submit a current word version of your resume along with a cover letter describing your skills, experience and salary expectations. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).