Performance (Animation, Creature, and FX) Vancouver, Canada


Working closely with our Head of Animation, Animation Supervisors and fellow Animators, you will be responsible for creating believable animation with convincing performances and motion. You will have the ability to complete digi-double, creature, character or rigid body animation. Delivering work to strict deadlines, you will be aware of project schedules and work hard to achieve these goals.  

Communicating with the team is key and you must be willing to take notes and direction well. The animation team culture and environment is hugely important at DNEG Vancouver so you must be capable for working with your peers and mentoring those around you. 

Must Have 

  • 3+ years CG experience, ideally within live action VFX feature films. 
  • Ability to perform visual and analytical problem solving in 3-dimensional space, including the ability to accurately interpret 3D layouts and analyse 3D form.
  • Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems with assigned tasks
  • Thorough knowledge of Maya.
  • Showreel showcasing high end VFX animation work.  

About You

  • Well versed in the principles of animation
  • Team orientated
  • Highly motivated
  • Adaptable
  • Accepting of change

About Us
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