Open Positions

Accounting, Finance & Tax

Project Financial Coordinator Lakewood, Colorado

Administrative & Clerical

Administrative Associate West Chester, Pennsylvania


Construction Specialist
5 Locations
Construction Superintendent Fairfield, Pennsylvania
Fuel Systems Quality Control Manager Hampton, Virginia
Fuel Systems Quality Control Manager Peachtree Corners, Georgia
Fueling Systems Inspector
4 Locations
Fuels Systems Superintendent Peachtree Corners, Georgia
Liquid Fuels Maintenance Technician Mundelein, Illinois
Liquid Fuels Maintenance Technician
2 Locations
Liquid Fuels Maintenance Technician Peachtree Corners, Georgia
Quality Control Manager Fairfield, Pennsylvania

Design & Drafting

CAD Operator II Houston, Texas


Assistant Engineering Associate Concord, New Hampshire
Engineering Associate Hampton, Virginia
Engineering Associate Peachtree Corners, Georgia
Engineering Associate 3 Mundelein, Illinois
Fuels Design Engineer
4 Locations
Munitions Response Project Engineer or Scientist
2 Locations
Project Engineer Mundelein, Illinois
Structural Project Engineer West Chester, Pennsylvania
Water Wastewater Project Engineer San Antonio, Texas


Facilities Maintenance Assistant-Part-time/Summer West Chester, Pennsylvania
Facilities Maintenance Technician West Chester, Pennsylvania

Health, Safety & Security

Project Safety Officer
2 Locations
Safety Officer Fairfield, Pennsylvania
Senior Safety Professional West Chester, Pennsylvania
Senior Safety Trainer West Chester, Pennsylvania

Information Technology

Programmer III
2 Locations

Project Management

Civil / Stormwater Engineering Project Manager Carlsbad, California
Contractor Manager for Mixed Waste Management Facility Albuquerque, New Mexico
Project Manager (Energy Projects)
2 Locations
Project Manager (minimum 3 years PM experience) West Chester, Pennsylvania
Project Manager with Federal Fixed Price Project Experience Seattle, Alaska
Project Manager with Federal Fixed Price Project Experience Lakewood, Colorado
Project Manager/Emergency Response Coordinator Lakewood, Colorado
Remediation Project Manager
2 Locations
Senior Engineering Project Manager West Chester, Pennsylvania
Water/Wastewater Business Development, Senior Project Manager Houston, Texas
Water/Wastewater Senior Project Manager Frisco, Texas

Sales & Business Development

Program Manager for Water Quality Practice Carlsbad, California


Associate Geoscientist 2 Mundelein, Illinois
Associate Geoscientist 2 Edison, New Jersey
Associate Geoscientist 2 Frisco, Texas
Associate Geoscientist 3 Honolulu, Hawaii
Associate Scientist Edison, New Jersey
Associate Scientist Edison, New Jersey
Associate Scientist 1 Carlsbad, California
Associate Scientist 1 Honolulu, Hawaii
Chemist Albuquerque, New Mexico
Environmental Scientist, Geologist, or Engineer Helena, Montana
Field Biologist / Botanist Edison, New Jersey
Geophysics Field Technician
2 Locations
GIS Programmer/Analyst
3 Locations
Munitions Response Project Geophysicist
3 Locations
Project Chemist West Chester, Pennsylvania
Project Geoscientist Concord, New Hampshire
Project Hydrogeologist Mundelein, Illinois
Project Scientist/Training Developer West Chester, Pennsylvania
Senior Permitting Professional
2 Locations
Senior Project Geoscientist
2 Locations
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Emission Testing Professional 4 Auburn, Alabama
Environmental Field Technician Concord, New Hampshire
Environmental Scientist for Integrated Air Services West Chester, Pennsylvania
Radioactive Field Technician Albuquerque, New Mexico


UXO Safety Officer West Chester, Pennsylvania
UXO Technician I West Chester, Pennsylvania
UXO Technician II West Chester, Pennsylvania
UXO Technician II West Chester, Pennsylvania
UXO Technician III West Chester, Pennsylvania

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