Business Development Manager- Industry (Eastern Europe and EURASIA)

Sales Mosow, Russian Federation


The Business Development Manager (BDM) Industry is responsible to define and execute a selling and marketing strategy to penetrate the Industry market segment in the Eastern Europe & Eurasia (EEE) in collaboration with the local Commercial Teams.

The role will be accountable and responsible of the promotion of the Xylem product portfolio suitable for achievable applications in the industrial market segments, to detect new opportunities and develop a compelling offer to the customers in line with the company capacity and capability. The BDM will as well aim to increase Xylem brand awareness in the local targeted industrial market segment. The Industry market segment cover the furniture of products and services dedicated to customers acting in the industrial market segment, such as, without being exhaustive, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, Pharma, O&G, Steel mill and metal industry, Aquaculture, chemical industry, Mining and Energy, Power Plant. 

Please note this role covers Eastern Europe but can be based in the following countries: Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic or Russia

The BDM will promote a compelling offer that include a product portfolio that includes all Xylem products and service that can fit into the Industry market segment.

Consequently, the BDM will, in collaboration with local commercial teams:

  • Implement and execute a business strategy to achieve profitable business growth in selected industries where Xylem has the opportunity to leverage its capabilities, service and product portfolio
  • Work close with local Commercial teams and Managing Directors to assess appetite and capacity to execute on industrial activities as a diversification of the revenue in the local commercial team
  • Will identify and target key stakeholders and influencers in the selected segments such as key Designers, Key Contractors, Service Providers and End users
  • Increase Xylem brand awareness within the market and channels by using multiple and diverse marketing activities
  • Plan and prioritize activities to grow relationships, inquiry levels and orders according to available capacity
  • Identify best channels to market according to Xylem capacity to cover territory and best ability to serve the customers across the country (Services partners, service providers, MRO…)
  • Organize visits to current and potential clients such as Industrial designers, Key Contractors, end-users and service providers with the aim of promoting the full breath of Xylem product portfolio to increase local competence and self-confidence (lead by example)
  • Responsible for defining and achieving KPI’s to assess the effective progression and penetration in the industrial market segment
  • Influence key decision makers in specifying Xylem products as the preferred solution to fulfill the customer’s requirements.
  • Plan and implement with the support of marketing factory visits to key designers and contractors to increase Xylem brand awareness and build trust
  • Leverage European resources to support industrial initiatives and increase brand awareness and market penetration
  • Use appropriate tools to maintain clear and accurate records of activities within defined area and prepare and present regular reports as required.
  • Organize and deliver presentations and trainings to Designers and Key Contractors within Xylem Industrial product portfolio
  • Act as “connector” between local commercial teams and Growth centre to: ensure smooth communication, remove bottlenecks, expedite request of support (sales and technical), ensure timely DoA approvals and/or specific discount requests, facilitate the resolution of delivery issues, filter Growth Centre request to deliver a first level of answer limiting the exposure of the Commercial teams,
  • Act as an ambassador of the region to promote the EE region strategies, business development opportunities to facilitate access to resources
  • Attend and contribute to appropriate networking opportunities in and outside of the company
  • Negotiate or assist in resolution of any customer conflicts in collaboration with local commercial team
  • Act as mentor with local commercial team sales force to teach best technical and commercial practices, leading by example in front of the customer
  • Assist in any market knowledge activities as appropriate
  • Assist with technical seminars or trainings for benefit of sales personnel and customers. Coordinate technical support when needed with Growth Centre.
  • Communicate with Customer Support to ensure proper order placement and order management for large projects. Step in spontaneously when process get complex and compromise final delivery to the customers
  • Continuously share best practices within and outside of the region to secure: increased awareness in the region of existing applications, promote out of the region best practices of the EE  region to increase the visibility of the region
  • Adopt a proactive attitude with local Commercial teams with a strong sense of accountability and ownership of actions. A “consultant” attitude is not expected in this role.
  • Coordinate activities with local commercial team, service team and Growth Centres resources to ensure premium service to the customer and good coordination of activities
  • The position requires travel