Facility Manager - Uncleared

Asia-Pacific (APAC) Pyeongtaek, Korea (the Republic of)


Position Title: 
Facility Manager - Uncleared 
Pyeongteak, S. Korea 
Full-Time- Regular 
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Tribalco, LLC is seeking an experienced Facility Manager to serve as the 694th ISR Group Assistant Facility Manager. The qualified candidate will be responsible for all work pertaining to Operations, Maintenance (O&M), and Repair for work assigned to the 694th Facilities Management Office locations. This position is based at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea. Responsibilities
The successful candidate will serve as an integral team member supporting various missions throughout USACISA-P. Tasks include but are not limited to:
  • Responsible for performing minor maintenance, repair, and installation of facility systems and shall coordinate major renovations with other contractors.   
  • Repairing, modifying, and installing simple electrical systems taking less than eight man-hours to complete.
  • Responsible for cooling, heating, and humidity within the ISRG facilities and data centers. 
  • Responsible for providing power to various existing and new equipment inside the ISRG facilities. 
  • Coordinating all large-scope work with the Chief of the Facility Management Office, contractors, and the contracting office.
  • Tracking work orders submitted with assistance from military personnel.
  • Analyzing current combined configuration and facility management policies and procedures affecting the KCOIC and develop comprehensive, action-oriented guides for use by occupant commanders, their room/area managers, and other combined activities that support the KCOIC mission/mission support performance.
  • Providing continuous assessment of and status/impact determination on all in-process (being evaluated) and approved (to be installed and/or implemented) for BCR’s initiated KCOIC combined and USAF/ROKAF occupants in accordance with HTACC/KCOIC International Memorandum of Understanding. 
  • Providing daily review and evaluation of all incomplete KCOIC Work Requests (ROKAF supported) and Base Civil Engineering Work Requests (USAF supported) initiated by KCOIC USAF and ROKAF commanders and other support elements in accordance with HTACC/KCOIC International Memorandum of Understanding, to effect repairs, maintenance, and modifications within the KCOIC and other Intelligence Group facilities. Prioritize work orders, based on scope, material availability, customer needs, and mission impacts. 
  • Analyzing and developing Facility Support Systems Improvement Plan for the KCOIC covering capabilities (primary and backups as applicable), such as electrical power, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; overpressure; decontamination cell; water supply; sewage; fire protection and suppression; physical security; personal hygiene; and facility storage. Shall provide 5 and 10-year facility maintenance and repair project plan to the COR for approval by 694th Intelligence Squadron and Group commanders. The facilities project plan shall be updated at least once per year. 
  • Analyzing and developing KCOIC Survivability Improvement Plan focusing on contingency capabilities, such as emergency operations shelter planning, preparedness, activation, and management policies and procedures; shelter management team structure, responsibilities, operation procedures, training and evaluation; and contingency feeding, sleeping, health and safety, medical services, communications and physical security requirements including identification, acquisition and pre-positioning of contingency materials required during no/short notice button-up operations. 
  • Analyzing and developing KCOIC Button-up Combined Exercise after Action Report 30 days following exercise termination. Requires participation in button-up exercise combined planning and execution, as well as collection and analyses of after-action inputs prepared by USAF/ROKAF occupant commanders, their staff and other direct support organizations and activities.
  • Work with AFOC SSW (Republic of Korea Civil Engineering Facility Management Team) to support all intelligence facilities. Create, plan, organize, track, and complete all facility work orders.
  • Continuously determine the status of the facility maintenance support effort and report monthly progress toward task accomplishment. 
  • Various administrative tasks.
Desired Skills
  • Must possess at least 10 years of facility management experience working in support of Intelligence missions and in Intelligence facilities.
  • Must be familiar with Intelligence Operations, Systems, and Equipment. Shall be familiar with major Facility Systems (Chillers, Cooling Towers, Air Handlers, Generators, Fire Suppression Systems, Uninterruptible Power Systems, Data Centers, Utilities and Distribution Systems, etc.) and how they operate inside an intelligence facility.
  • Must be familiar with data center operations and layout.
  • Must be able to clearly communicate with USAF and ROKAF personnel and be responsible for the maintenance and repair of facility systems supported by the 694th ISRG.
  • Must be proficient in Korean and U.S. electrical codes and facility management in general.
  • Must possess knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications.
  • Familiarity with working on US military projects in Korea is preferred.
Education and Experience
  • High School diploma
  • 10 Years of facility management experience
  • Not required
  • Compensation is competitive and is commensurate with experience. 
  • All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin. 
  • Tribalco is an equal opportunity employer. 
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