On the Media Internship, Fall 2020 (Remote)

Internships New York City, New York


Interns at NYPR are given a robust internship program with hands-on responsibilities. The goal of our internship program is to provide our interns with substantive, meaningful work experience so that each intern concludes the internship period with demonstrable skills in his/her area of interest, plus knowledge of public radio, in general.

At OTM interns are given the opportunity to learn closely with staff and assist with all aspects of the show's production. They sit in on editorial meetings, provide research assistance, and perform various administrative tasks involved in the daily running of the office. Over the course of the three months, interns learn basic production skills, including field recording and digital audio editing, and are eventually encouraged to produce at least one segment for the show. 


The most important qualification for On the Media interns is a working knowledge of the topics we discuss on the show. While we do not expect new interns to have any experience with radio production, some journalism experience is preferred. Basically, we are looking for applicants who are motivated, avid media consumers, and excited about learning.

Please include the following information:

  • A resume
  • A cover letter explaining why you want to be an OTM intern
  • Answers to the following questions: 
  1. Describe two of your favorite OTM segments, and why you liked them. (All previous shows are archived on the website.)
  2. Describe one or two segments or shows that you think were less successful. Why didn't they work for you?
  3. Suggest two story ideas (one paragraph each) for OTM. These can be pitches for simple "host-interviews-guest" segments, or for longer reporter pieces with multiple voices. In addition to describing the idea itself, you should also include ideas for voices in the piece/interview.
  4. Tell us about your "media diet." (favorite magazines, TV shows, news sources, etc.)


Any student (undergraduate or graduate) or person who has graduated no more than 12 months prior to the start of the internship period to which he/she is applying. Because this is a paid internship, interns must be authorized to work in the United States and must be working from one of the following locations while working for NYPR:  CA, CT, GA, IL, MA, MD, ME, MI, NH, NJ, NM, NY, PA, WI, Washington DC. 

Interns are eligible to receive college credit.

New York Public Radio must receive all information requested in order to consider your candidacy. 

New York Public Radio is an Equal Opportunity Employer and invites and encourages qualified applicants from all walks of life.