Internal Global Communications Director, LHH

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Contract Type: Full-time


Position at LHH (Global)

Internal Global Communications Director, LHH

The Internal Communications Director is responsible for developing and implementing strategic communication initiatives to effectively convey company information to employees and stakeholders. They play a pivotal role in ensuring colleagues are informed, aligned, and engaged with LHH’s purpose, vision, strategic objectives, and Culture Commitments. As the focal point for all internal communication efforts, this role ensures cohesive messaging and branding across all levels and regions. If you are interested in joining an organization that is focused on making the future work for everyone, please reach out.

Reporting Relationships:

  • In this role, you will report directly to the LHH SVP, Global Communications
  • Key stakeholders include LHH senior leadership team, TAG (The Adecco Group) Global Communications team, plus LHH’s Global Operations, Human Resources, Product Development, IT global, and marketing teams, among others.

Direct Reports:

  • Potential direct reports in 2024


  • North America (Eastern region preferred)


  • 25%-35%


  • English. A secondary language (French, German, Spanish, etc.) is a plus.

In this role you can expect to

Key Accountabilities

  • Develop, manage, and implement the global internal communication strategy to promote transparency, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging across all regions where LHH operates and across the Adecco Group Communications ecosystem.
  • Design engaging communication campaigns and craft compelling messages that inform, draw, and motivate employees about LHH’s strategies, initiatives, and changes.
  • Manage all internal communications channels such as LHH’s intranet, newsletters, town halls, corporate email, and others.
  • Collaborate closely with senior leaders and function heads to ensure company news, updates, and announcements are accurately and promptly conveyed.
  • Evaluate and implement innovative communication technologies and platforms to foster interaction and feedback across the organization.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of communication strategies, gathering feedback and adapting methods, as necessary.
  • Organize and facilitate company-wide meetings, town halls, webinars, and forums to foster two-way communication.
  • Ensure consistent messaging and branding across all internal communications.
  • Manage internal communications vendors.


All About You

We are looking for an innovative, forward-thinking individual with a passion for internal communication. You understand the importance of clear, compelling, and consistent messaging and how it impacts the employee experience and achieving our strategic objectives. If you are a strategic thinker, an excellent storyteller, and can drive engagement across a global organization, we want you.

Strategic Thinker: Ability to see the bigger picture and design communications strategies that align with organizational goals.

Excellent Communicator: Strong written and verbal communication skills, with an ability to tailor messages for various audiences.

Storyteller Master: Ability to harness the power of storytelling to craft impactful and memorable narratives that resonate with employees, capturing the essence of company values, goals, and culture, while promoting engagement and unity whether through written, visual, or multimedia formats.

Proficient in Matrixed Environments: Demonstrated experience and adeptness in navigating and driving effective internal communications within a global organization. You understand the intricacies and complexities of such structures, ensuring seamless cross-functional collaboration and clear communication paths. Your skill set includes the ability to bridge gaps between various departments, geographies, and levels, ensuring alignment, clarity, and cohesion in all messaging.

Experienced Change Management Communicator: Demonstrated proficiency in guiding and managing organizational change through strategic communication. You understand the nuances and challenges of change management and possess a record of accomplishment of creating and executing communication strategies that support smooth transitions, reduce resistance, and foster a positive acceptance of change across varying levels of an organization.

Collaborative Spirit: Ability to work seamlessly with senior leadership, HR teams, and stakeholders across the globe.

Innovative: A penchant for thinking creatively and staying updated on the latest communication technologies and trends.

Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding of diverse work cultures and ability to craft messages that resonate across borders and life experiences.

Leadership: Proven experience in leading and mentoring a team, ensuring professional growth and achievement of objectives.

Results-Driven: A keen eye for detail and an analytical mind to assess the effectiveness of communication strategies and make necessary changes.

Adaptable: The agility to respond quickly to change and adapt strategies in an ever-evolving global environment.

Education and Experience: A bachelor's degree in Communications, Journalism, Public Relations, or related field. A master’s degree would be an added advantage. At least 8-10 years of experience in internal or corporate communications with a record of accomplishment of success in a global organization.

Become a part of our dynamic, global team and drive communication strategies that foster unity, engagement, and growth. We can't wait to hear your story.


What we offer

  • Growth opportunities within a human resources global leader
  • We prioritize learning to stay agile in an increasingly competitive business environment
  • We foster an open-minded environment where people spark new ideas and explore alternatives
  • Comprehensive benefits package including health, PTO, Paid Holidays
  • Pay range $130,000 - 160,000 plus bonus

Placement within this range is determined based on geographic location, experience, and other compensatory factors. 

About LHH

The world of work is ever-changing and unpredictable. Organizations are constantly fighting a battle to find and maintain their competitive advantage: their talent. To succeed, they can’t just rely on what works today, working tomorrow. They need to be ready for next.


LHH exists to help individuals, teams, and organizations find and prepare for what’s next. With integrated, end-to-end solutions that include Advisory, Professional Recruitment, Career Transition, and Learning & Talent Development, we are uniquely positioned to work together to make a positive impact on the future of every person we work with at every key career moment.


LHH is at the forefront of change to build a bigger, bolder workforce. Every day is a new day to prepare for, and we’re here to make sure the future works for everyone.


A division of the Adecco Group – the world’s leading HR solutions provider – LHH’s 8,000 colleagues and coaches work with 15,000 organizations in over 60 countries around the world. We successfully help close to 500,000 candidates to enhance their careers every year. Our local expertise, global infrastructure, and industry-leading technology allow us to manage the complexity of critical workforce initiatives and the challenges of transformation. It’s why most of the Fortune Global 500 companies choose to work with us.


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LHH is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Veterans/Disabled.

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