Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Dayton, Ohio


Equitas Health Pharmacy is a company of Equitas Health providing access, education, consultation and management of general retail and specialty pharmaceuticals for patients of Equitas Health and other Ohio providers, as well as the local community.   
The Pharmacy Technician of the Equitas Health Pharmacy is responsible for providing superior customer service and being a good team member. The Pharmacy Technician receives and inputs prescriptions, prices, prepares, adjudicates, fills and processes the check-out and/or shipment of prescriptions, processes any insurance claims, prior authorization and patient assistance program paperwork, and helps with inventory management.   
Essential functions of the job include, but are not limited to, verbal and written communication; relationship building with clients and staff; utilizing a computer for typing and conducting research; driving or having reliable transportation.    
Salary: Grade 4: $37,000-$46,200
Grade 5: $42,500-$53,100   
· Provide excellent customer service to Equitas Health Pharmacy patients.   
· Process prescriptions accurately and efficiently. This includes collecting all pertinent patient information, providing thorough and accurate insurance verification, and processing prescription orders with detail, efficiency and accuracy. Make sure that all insurances are billed such that the patient has the lowest out of pocket cost.   
· Fill prescription orders accurately and efficiently. Ensure that the entire order is filled and given to the pharmacist for checking in prioritized staging manner.   
· Work in a collaborative manner with the Equitas Health Medical Center and other Equitas Health Pharmacy employees. Be a positive representative of Equitas Health Pharmacy when interacting with outside vendors and clinics.   
· Complete daily paperwork and processes relating to the technician duties that help manage pharmacy policies and procedures from a legal and Equitas Health Pharmacy policy and procedure basis.   
· Assist in managing Equitas Health Pharmacy inventory systems to assure acquisition of medications, appropriate control, dispensing of medications, and reconciliation in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and best practices.   
· Work with physicians’ offices and insurance companies to obtain prescription authorizations and prior authorizations.   
· Master Ohio HIV Drug Assistance Program (OHDAP) and 340B intricacies.   
· Learn and master all policies and procedures needed for processing prescriptions with standard insurance and the 340B program.   
· Demonstrate unconditional positive regard to clients and conduct all aspects of job responsibilities with a focus on exceptional customer service.   
· Continuously grow and develop cultural competency, exhibiting an understanding, awareness, and respect for diversity.   
· Contribute to a positive work environment by demonstrating unconditional positive regard to all Equitas Health employees, interns, etc. with an understanding, awareness, and respect for diversity.   
· Other duties as assigned by the Director of Pharmacy Services or Pharmacy Manager.   
· Any other responsibilities as defined in the Equitas Health Pharmacy Operations Manual.   
· Minimum of a High School Diploma/GED, Bachelor’s Degree Preferred.   
· Certified pharmacy technician preferred.   
· Two years pharmacy technician experience preferred with a preference for specialty pharmacy or 340B pharmacy experience.   
· Thorough understanding of pharmacy operations and laws.   
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills.   
· Knowledge of health and social service needs of persons with HIV/AIDS.   
· Must have sensitivity to, interest in and competence in cultural differences, HIV/AIDS, minority health, sexual practices, chemical dependency and a demonstrated competence in working with persons of color, and gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community. Proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications and other computer applications required.   
· Preferred previous experience with the PioneerRx operating system, though not required.   
· Reliable transportation, driver’s license and proof of auto insurance required.   
Background and reference checks will be conducted. In accordance with Equitas Health’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy, pre-employment drug testing will be administered. Hours may vary, including working some evenings and weekends based on workload. Individuals are not considered applicants until they have been asked to visit for an interview and at that time complete an application for employment. Completing the application does not guarantee employment. EOE/AA