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Position at Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd.
Application Submission Deadline: 04/14/2020



CUC Scholarships

Applicants are invited to apply for following Scholarships.


Scholarship to Pursue A Level Studies


CUC is proud to offer a scholarship for Caymanian students seeking to pursue Advanced

Level (A level) studies at a local high school. The scholarship will be awarded with particular focus on students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).



Applicants must:

       Have already obtained, or expect to obtain, during the current school year, adequate academic qualifications to be accepted into Advanced Level (A level) studies or equivalent;

       Be Caymanian or hold Caymanian Status;

       Be involved in school and/or volunteer activities;

       Provide references


The scholarship will also provide an opportunity to gain hands-on work experience and develop further skills, which will benefit the successful applicant in their studies and possible future career with CUC.



Engineering & Technology Scholarship


As an employer of choice, and one of the largest employers of Caymanians, CUC is committed to attracting, developing and retaining high potential employees by providing opportunities for Caymanian students to succeed in the electric utility industry.


CUC is proud to offer scholarship to an accredited university for students who are interested in completing:

       An Associate’s Degree in Engineering Technology or Occupational Safety & Health; or

       A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical or Renewable Energy) or Occupational Safety & Health.



Applicants must:

       Have already obtained, or expect to obtain, during the current school year, adequate academic qualifications to be accepted by a university;

       Be Caymanian or hold Caymanian Status;

       Have a current GPA of 3.5 or higher;

       Have a minimum of seven (7) GCSE/CXC/IGSE passes including English, Mathematics and Science(s) or the equivalent in the American educational system. Preference will be given to students with higher level passes (A level, AP, IB, etc.) in Mathematics and Science(s).


The successful applicant(s) will have an opportunity during school holidays to gain hands-on work experience and may be offered full-time employment with CUC upon completion of his/her studies.



To Apply:


Interested applicants must read and understand “CUC Scholarship General Rules and Guidelines 2020” before applying.

Applicants are requested to submit following documents with their application. The Portfolio button can be used multiple times to upload all documents:

            If working, job letter and/or employment reference from your supervisor

            Supporting evidence of other awarded scholarship(s) (if applicable)

            Examination certificates/results at time of application/High School Diploma

            Official Transcript (High School or University)

            Letter of acceptance/conditional acceptance

            Supporting documents showing breakdown estimated costs by year of study

            Personal statetment of objectives

            Personal statement of need

            Proof of Caymanian Status

            Passport Size photo


For more information on scholarship opportunities, please contact CUC’s Human Resources & Employee Development Department via e-mail at


Applications submitted via e-mail will not be considered.



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