Chemist of Research and Development (1-3 years experience)

Other Totowa, New Jersey


Core Responsibilities:
• Develop new chemical methods for analysis and equipment for implementation purposes.
• Develop analytical methods for process solutions used in metal deposition and other areas of semiconductor manufacturing.
• Interface with engineering group to design commercial analyzers.
• Plan and conduct experiments then write technical report findings.
• Participate in documenting, testing and supporting equipment.
• Validate analytical methods developed in R&D department, update documentation and prepare reports.
• Prepare scientific publications and present work at conferences.

• M.Sc. or BS in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering is required.
• Knowledge and experience in chemistry is required: plus analytical chemistry skills preferred.
• 1-2 + years of precision and successful experience are essential.
• Must possess independent problem solving skills and ability to perform experimental work.
• Project management and strong organizational skills are helpful.
• We seek candidates with excellent communication skills, ability to multitask projects and collaborate effectively with other team members.

About the Company: Leading provider of Chemical Management Systems for Semiconductor, PV, and PCB industries. Our technologies help make possible the manufacturing of computer chips, flat panels, solar panels, printed circuit boards and more.