Production Tech (Packaging)

Packaging Gainesville, Florida


Position at Liberty Health Sciences

Company Description 

AYR Wellness is an expanding vertically integrated, U.S. multi-state cannabis operator. Based on the belief that everything starts with the quality of the plant, the Company’s mission is to cultivate the finest quality cannabis at scale and deliver remarkable experiences to its customers every day. 
We believe in creating an environment in which we can all flourish, one where every individual can find their genius and pursue their passion, because it’s this dedication to creating a culture of excellence, one where we’re all empowered to achieve our dreams, that will propel us forward. We’re a company that puts our people first. A place where talent is rewarded, diversity is celebrated, and innovative thinking is championed and we believe that together we can build a better and brighter future for ourselves, our industry, and our world. 

Job Summary 

The technicians are for executing post-harvest, processing, and packaging plans in keeping with the Company’s operating procedures for cannabis production. Technicians conduct the day-to-day assignments and tasks of the cannabis production cycle, including packaging, and labeling of cannabis for our customer. 

Post-Harvest: Performs manual labor to assist in the processing of cannabis, including, but not limited to hanging, bucking, drying, destemming, and trimming. The role maintains a sanitary and organized inventory of product depends upon the detail and thoughtfulness s/he exhibits in this position primarily the ability effectively compartmentalizes strains, batches, and corresponding numeric values to reduce any confusion or mislabeling. 

Lab: Learns the extraction processes to facilitate and drive distillate and concentrate production. The technician will perform a broad range of duties related to day-to-day operations and production of oil. That includes preparation and extraction of plant material, the preparation of solutions, supplies, materials, and equipment, cleaning & maintenance of equipment and facilities proper and safe use of equipment and materials. 

Kitchen: Responsible for having the basic knowledge of all daily operations in an edible and cannabis infused kitchen. Assisting in the preparing food items and other culinary activities as directed by the kitchen manager. Performing routine cleaning and maintenance of all kitchen equipment and operating all equipment safely in its intended manner. 

Packaging: Responsible for processing and packaging all cultivated and manufactured cannabis products. The technician is required to use various manual and automated types of packaging equipment as well as maintaining the equipment for daily use, including cleaning and troubleshooting. 

Duties and Responsibilities  

  • Post-Harvest: intake, drying, curing, trimming, labeling; and inventory data input into state mandated electronic tracking system. Document moisture results by completing reports and logs. 
  • Drying/Curing: hanging and dry-racking flowers; monitoring curing process and climate control; labeling; weighing and inventory data input. 
  • Preparation and packaging of all cannabis products will be needed during peak times, including extraction products. 
  • Kitchen: Day-to-day tasks include prepping, cleaning, cooking, labeling and operating production kettles and equipment. Understanding the rules of food safety, sanitation, and hygiene in a kitchen environment. 
  • Packaging: Operating and maintaining kitchen and packaging systems/equipment:  monitoring, calibrating, running, and troubleshooting systems; stocking and handling production inputs and supplies; sanitizing and cleaning production areas, kitchen workspaces and tools. 
  • Ensure daily QA/QC compliance with policies and procedures including but not limited to, state compliance, security protocols, and access protocols. 
  • Other duties as required or needed to assist company in meeting goals     


  • Strong administrative skills  
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build relationships at all levels, both internally and externally 
  • Proven organizational, project planning, and prioritization skills 
  • High level of professionalism and integrity, including dealing with confidential information 
  • Commitment to quality work, and customer service  
  • Resourceful and able to work independently with good judgment, initiative, and common sense 
  • Ability to anticipate needs, find alternative solutions and be proactive in achieving desired outcomes 
  • Strong project management skills, including the ability to manage multiple projects 
  • Ability to work within an environment of frequently changing priorities 
  • Upholds a strict level of confidentiality 
  • Ability to work in a demanding, fast-paced environment, including flexible and/or extended hours as needed 
  • Meeting, event, and calendar planning skills 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 


  • High school diploma/GED required   


  • 1-year experience in the cannabis or agricultural industry not required, but preferred 

Competencies (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude)  

  • Priority Setting - Invests their time and others on what's important to deliver business results; quickly and effectively collaborates bringing together the collective intelligence of critical team members and prioritizes what needs to be done to reach the goal; quickly senses opportunities and obstacles in accomplishing a goal; eliminates roadblocks and creates focus that drives success and results.  
  • Problem Solving - Utilizes rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions that build an ecosystem of knowledge; probes useful sources for answers and resolution; quickly identifies unforeseen problems and looks beyond the obvious to succeed; is resilient and continues pursuit of options when initial answers aren’t favorable. 
  • Process Management - Establishes processes necessary to complete tasks; knows how to organize people and activities; understands how to separate and combine tasks into efficient workflow that support a culture of process excellence; is knowledgeable on to what and how to measure to deliver business results; sees opportunities for synergy and integration where others can't and can simplify complex processes to create common understanding; gets more out of limited resources to deliver organizational value. 
  • Functional/Technical Skills - Possesses functional and technical knowledge and skills to perform at a high level of accomplishment; understands how their job function supports being a force for good.   

Direct reports  

  • No direct reports 

Working conditions 

  • Exposed to heat and cold and internal temperature changes; exposed to outside working environments 

Physical requirements 

  • Focus on a physical task for a prolonged period without losing edge 
  • Working in an agricultural environment and ability to work 10 to 20 feet off the ground using ladders 
  • Manual dexterity; enough to reach/handle items, work with fingers 
  • Ability to lift and carry fifty pounds unaided on a regular basis 
  • Ability to sit for extended periods of time depending on your position and/or getting up and down through your work shift 



At AYR Wellness, our vision is to be a force for good in all we do and to bring lasting positive change to our communities, our industry, and our world. And it wouldn’t be possible without our exceptionally talented team. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer that celebrates the uniqueness of each employee and supports their individual journey in finding their genius and pursuing their passion. 

AYR Wellness is committed to the policy that all persons have equal access to employment. We strongly encourage applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and the LGBTQ+ community, regardless of age, gender, religion, marital or veterans’ status.