Open Positions

Business Development

Ref.11.18.65 - Scalable Learning Steward Braga, Portugal


Ref.10.18.62/1 – Research Engineer - Graphene Inkjet Printing Braga, Portugal

Research Associateships

Ref. 11.18.66 - Bolseiro de Investigação/Research Associateship – 2D Materials-based Photodetector Braga, Portugal
Ref. 12.18.67 – Bolseiro de Investigação/ Research Associateship - Graphene-based magnetic nanocarriers towards cancer theranostics Braga, Portugal
Ref.09.18.48 - Bolseiro de Investigação/Research Associateship – Battery Fabrication and Testing Braga, Portugal
Ref.12.18.71– Bolseiro de Investigação/ Research Associateship - Magnetic characterization of nanostructures towards rare-earth-elements (REE)-free hi Braga, Portugal

Research Fellow

Ref.10.18.60 – Research Fellow – Development and validation of a multiplex assay strategy for six stroke biomarkers using a MR Platform Braga, Portugal
Ref.10.18.63 – Research Fellow – Mixed-Signal Analog IC Design for Optical Sensing Braga, Portugal
Ref.11.18.64 – Research Fellow – Responsive tumour vectorization in the fight against TNBC Braga, Portugal
Ref.11.18.68 - Research Fellow - Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment Follow-up Braga, Portugal
Ref.12.18.25/1  - Research Fellow – Condensed Matter Physics of 2D Materials Braga, Portugal
Ref.12.18.69 - Research Fellow - High Resolution Microscopy of Graphene Braga, Portugal
Ref.12.18.70 – Research Fellow - Plasmonic Biosensing with Graphene Braga, Portugal
Ref.12.18.72 – Research Fellow – Wine authenticity using graphene DNA sensors Braga, Portugal

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