Chief Engineer

Americas Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland


The MCSC is a geographically distributed, complex system of communication networks and networked software and service capabilities.  The MCSC infrastructure is driven by evolution of multiple programs of record and integrated Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) technology, changes in interoperability requirements, increasing cybersecurity requirements, and Army/DoD strategic objectives such as enabling data-centric and distributed cloud-enabled Joint All-Domain Command and Control and Multi-Domain Operations (JADC2/MDO) capabilities. The MCSC Chief Engineer is overall responsible for supporting the holistic MCSC technical integration planning and execution, and technical support coordination, to support the operational support contracts of this PWS, as well as effectively support Government planning and responsiveness to these changing MCSC support requirements.  The duty station of the Chief Engineer is APG, MD.  The Chief Engineer shall:

  1. In coordination with the Operations and Project Manager, define and maintain a phased and evolutionary MCSC infrastructure maintenance and modernization plan, subject to governance and approval of PM MC. This plan addresses infrastructure obsolescence, technology adoption, cybersecurity posture requirements, and other attributes necessary to the effective planning and evolution of the MCSC infrastructure.
  2. Provide direct and coordinated technical support to MCSC/PM MC team members in addressing product design challenges related to MCSC integration, hosting and other support requirements. Participate in requirements and design reviews, etc., to assure MCSC infrastructure and integrated capability objectives are communicated to and understood by Government program stakeholders.
  3. Provide planning and integration technical support to PM MC, or designated representative(s) for assuring MCSC operational readiness during hardware installations/de-installations, hardware/software changes, and other infrastructure evolution. Maintain positive configuration management and change control of MCSC infrastructure and supporting documentation. 
  4. Maintain authoritative documentation of MCSC infrastructure configuration, technology dependencies, and other documentation necessary to support MCSC integration and evolution planning, as well as cybersecurity RMF accreditation data product requirements.
  5. Provide continuous monitoring and evaluation of MCSC infrastructure performance, as well as technology and product dependencies, to support prediction and planning of hardware and software product End of Life (EOL) driven maintenance and modernization requirements.
  6. Support analysis of current infrastructure and emerging technologies that address MCSC capability and support challenges from the perspective of technology obsolescence; cost of ownership; cybersecurity posture; general maintainability, availability, and reliability; and end-user usability and performance requirements.
  7. Provide and coordinate technical support to helpdesk and other support requests.
  8. Provide technical support to Government leadership planning and analysis tasks, in addition to integration coordination of MCSC infrastructure dependencies provisioned by other contracts and Government organizations. Examples of this include NETCOM provisioned networks, commercial cloud computing service providers, and Government-contracted SATCOM capabilities.
  9. Provide planning and coordination of MCSC DevSecOps and other software integration activities driving MCSC organic software capabilities, and those of supported systems that are developed, integrated and hosted by MCSC DevSecOps and other computing infrastructure.
  10. Provide responsive and effective technical support to resolve network outages, and other MCSC capability degradation or loss events, in coordination with the Operations Managers and Government leadership.
  11. Provide support to MCSC/PM MC team members to implement software upgrades and address cyber vulnerabilities.
  12. Review and edit technical documentation for content and accuracy.
  13. Develop briefings and information papers, and participate in meetings in support of Government leadership, as needed to communicate MCSC objectives, capabilities and challenges to stakeholders.
  14. MA or MS from an accredited college or university in Engineering, Computer Science, or related field of study.
  15. At least 10 years of experience as a Computer or Systems Engineer within the DOD environment.
  16. Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in addition to the above may be substituted for the education/degree requirement.
  17. Minimum of at least 1 year of military communication or C2 domain experience.
  18. Interim TS clearance with SCI eligibility is required at contract award.
  19. Other duties as needed to fulfill the intent of this key position.