Art Manager



As an Art Manager, you'll manage the team's overall growth and improvement of Artist craft and well-being. You’ll collaborate with the studio management team to define strategy. You'll bring your leadership and deep understanding of Art department dynamics and needs to Super Evil’s Art team, as well as mentoring artists and helping to establish a unified, consistent strategy. You will also be working closely with our Art Director and Game Designers. 


  • Effective source of knowledge: Experience working and managing pipelines around designing, modeling, texturing, animation, VFX, and Audio, etc...
  • Strategic In your approach: you are deliberate  and results-driven leader who can balance short-term Tactical solutions against long-term Strategies 
  • An effective communicator: you communicate easily with both the studio management team and artists in the most appropriate medium. Also, comfortable interfacing with team members of all disciplines and backgrounds.
  • Motivational leader: you help others empower themselves by fostering constructive criticism, recognition, appreciation, and collaboration; you're able to identify what motivates people to help them achieve their very best


  • Help the art team efficiently ship amazing products in a timely manner 
  • Mentor artists effectively scaling the studios artistic capabilities.  
  • Provide work direction, performance reviews, and coaching artists
  • Develop action plans for the teams future success, emphasizing personal development
  • Actively support the art department by sharing best practices
  • Established a pipeline, Set up systems That will create efficiencies with in the team and outsourcers.


  • Experience working on game with an isometric camera angle
  • Experience working with various game engine middleware solutions
  • Familiar with Unity or applicable game engines