Operations Management Support Mt. Pleasant, Texas


Breeder & Research Farm Manager  


Farm will be located in Pittsburg, Texas and will consist of one breeder pullet rearing house and two breeder production houses.  


Research farm manager will be responsible for day to day operation and maintenance of the farm, care of the birds, supervision of all farm team members, recording and analysis of all data generated and execution of all research projects assigned to the farm. Must be capable of summarizing results in written form that result in recommended programs for commercial pullets and breeders.  


Skills needed  

Excellent communication and writing skills.  

Ability to effectively manage people.  

Computing proficiency in Word, Excel and Power Point.  

Must be self-motivated and self-guided.  

Basic understanding of Spanish would be a plus.  



Experience in conducting research and reporting results of research.  

Commercial live production experience.  

Post graduate degree in poultry related field.  

Job will require manager to live on the farm and to be present on the farm the majority of the time.