Senior Software Engineer

Engineering Salt Lake City, Utah


As a Software Engineer at Mavenlink, you’ll be part of our hugely collaborative development team working on our core Mavenlink and integrations products.  This team is unlike any you’ve seen as a developer - from the beginning, this team has been a beacon of collaboration for the company. Pair-programming, continuous learning, coaching and mentorships, full-stack development and weekly growth sessions are just a few of the ways we’ve created a one-of-a-kind culture for engineers where we’re actually hands-on instead of stuck in the silo!

Goals and Responsibilities

Mavenlink’s product is changing the entire services industry and engineering has a front-row seat.  We’re not looking for more people to solve problems, we’re looking for more engineers to develop new features and provide thought leadership!  Some of the things we’re working on together include:

  • Auto-scaled, self-healing production Kubernetes implementation
  • Developing a rich & sophisticated React component architecture
  • Evolving from a single Rails app to cohesive, decoupled services
Your Profile‚Ä®

You challenge the old trope of being a loner, you’re looking to be part of a team!  It’s tough to grow and develop great ideas when you’re encased in the silo - you’re looking for a place to stretch.  Maybe you’re sick of being used to only put out fires, or hate the idea of just being a maintenance engineer. Our culture defeats these by design!  A great addition would bring: 

  • 3+ years of engineering production code
  • Stack alignment isn’t a requirement, but you have the ability to learn and adapt to our tech stack:  Ruby / React-Redux / GraphQL
  • A strong desire to be part of a dynamic team of engineers at all levels