Engineering Manager

Engineering Salt Lake City, Utah


About the role

As an Engineering Team Manager at Mavenlink, you’ll report to senior management to maintain and manage a team of engineers. With the right person in place, we will be able to further scale our division, the abilities of our product, and unify individual contributors around a central mission. Our enterprise-class product is scaling rapidly and your team will be focused on a specific module of the overall Mavenlink product. Our managers support, mentor, train, and develop never-before-seen software alongside the engineers, with a culture of collaboration as a keystone!

About the opportunity

This is a unique opportunity to lead our data pipelines team - transforming and transporting data is the name of the game. As the manager, you’re going to reinforce structural principles such as observability, scalability, and replayability. You’ll be the keystone to ensuring data has room to grow while identifying which data is mutable and which is immutable and enforcing practices around those needs alongside the team. 

Goals and Responsibilities

Handling high-level product objectives, you’ll be the catalyst to translate those goals into project plans for a team of engineers. In addition to owning the outcomes of pursuing these product goals, you’ll also own the success of your team as a whole and the growth of each engineer reporting to you. You’ll be an evangelist of the engineering culture to motivate, mentor, and provide guidance in a paired-programming, test-driven environment. We pride ourselves in functioning like an incubator and our managers help reinforce a strong psychologically safe environment - you’ll implement and maintain high-quality software development practices with a leadership team dedicated to this culture! Success in this role stems from:
  • Putting a focus on people - training and skills development, performance management, and individual career development of direct reports
  • Influencing product strategy around the general data strategy and future features
  • Maintaining and scaling the ETL for the Mavenlink data pipeline
  • Efficiently extracting and transforming data from a MySQL database
  • Turning product requirements into project plans with milestones, estimates, and stories to confidently lead a team through projects of all sizes

Your Profile

You’re a true problem solver who leads by example. The intersection of technology and people excites you and you’ve led & delivered successful product releases while also having a track record of helping team members develop and grow their careers. Optimism and empathy are a couple of your strengths and you have success in balancing product priorities with team needs in an agile environment. Our newest Engineering Manager will have an established team here but will also bring with them:
  • Experience in building and maintaining data pipelines at scale
  • Prior experience and understanding of distributed systems architecture
  • Success working in a cloud environment interacting with various AWS services
  • A strong OOP philosophy and either experience working with Ruby or an interest in learning Ruby
  • Confidence in facing unique or unprecedented development challenges and navigating problems without predefined solutions