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Anesthesia Credentialed Veterinary Technician Mandeville, Louisiana
Veterinary Anestheologist Akron, Ohio
Veterinary Anesthesiologist Cincinnati, Ohio
Veterinary Anesthesiologist Dayton, Ohio
Veterinary Anesthesiologist Carmel, Indiana
Veterinary Anesthesiologist South Salt Lake, Utah
Veterinary Assistant for Anesthesia Dallas, Texas

Avian & Exotics

Veterinary Avian & Exotics Specialist Hilliard, Ohio


Locum/Relief Veterinary Cardiologist Worthington, Ohio
Veterinary Cardiologist Akron, Ohio
Veterinary Cardiologist South Salt Lake, Utah
Veterinary Cardiologist Dayton, Ohio
Veterinary Cardiologist Brook Park, Ohio
Veterinary Cardiologist McMurray, Pennsylvania
Veterinary Cardiologist New Orleans, Louisiana
Veterinary Cardiologist Carmel, Indiana
Veterinary Cardiologist Chicago, Illinois
Veterinary Cardiologist Commerce, Michigan
Veterinary Cardiologist San Jose, California
Veterinary Cardiologist - $100,000 Signing Bonus!! Dallas, Texas
Veterinary Cardiologist -- Portland, OR Suburb Vancouver, Washington

Client Services

Client Service Representative Hilliard, Ohio
Experienced Veterinary Receptionist Norwalk, Connecticut
Part-time Client Services Representative- 2nd shift Brook Park, Ohio
Veterinary Client Service Representative - Variable Hours San Jose, California
Veterinary Client Services Representative -Days Dallas, Texas
Veterinary Client Services Supervisor - Overnights Worthington, Ohio

Clinical & Medical Leadership

Hospital Director
2 Locations
Medical Director Commerce, Michigan
Medical Director Mobile, Alabama
Medical Director Scottsdale, Arizona
Medical Director Atlanta, Georgia
Medical Director Houston, Texas
Medical Director Austin, Texas
Medical Director Norwalk, Connecticut

Critical Care

2nd Veterinary Criticalist Mandeville, Louisiana
Critical Care Registered Veterinary Technician Cincinnati, Ohio
Veterinary Critical Care Technician Assistant - Day Shifts South Salt Lake, Utah
Veterinary Criticalist Atlanta, Georgia
Veterinary Criticalist Worthington, Ohio
Veterinary Criticalist Akron, Ohio
Veterinary Criticalist McMurray, Pennsylvania
Veterinary Criticalist Austin, Texas
Veterinary Criticalist Dayton, Ohio
Veterinary Criticalist Brook Park, Ohio
Veterinary Criticalist Carmel, Indiana
Veterinary Criticalist Scottsdale, Arizona

Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Veterinary Dentist South Salt Lake, Utah
Veterinary Dentist Chicago, Illinois
Veterinary Dentist & Oral Surgeon Worthington, Ohio


Veterinary Dermatologist Dayton, Ohio
Veterinary Dermatologist Dallas, Texas
Veterinary Dermatologist Cincinnati, Ohio
Veterinary Dermatologist Worthington, Ohio
Veterinary Dermatologist Meridian, Idaho
Veterinary Dermatologist Brook Park, Ohio
Veterinary Dermatologist Chicago, Illinois
Veterinary Dermatologist South Salt Lake, Utah

Emergency Medicine

2nd Shift Emergency Registered Veterinary Technician- Part-time Akron, Ohio
Associate Veterinarian (Hospitalist) - ER Dep't Toledo, Ohio
Associate Veterinarian (Hospitalist) - ER Dep't Brook Park, Ohio
Emergency Clinical Supervisor - Full Time, 2nd Shift Hilliard, Ohio
Emergency Department Head Brook Park, Ohio
Emergency Licensed Veterinary Technician - Days City of Manassas, Virginia
Emergency Licensed Veterinary Technician - Overnights City of Manassas, Virginia
Emergency Licensed Veterinary Technician- Second Shift City of Manassas, Virginia
Emergency Registered Veterinary Technician Mountain View, California
Emergency Registered Veterinary Technician - Contingent Columbus, Ohio
Emergency Registered Veterinary Technician - Contingent Canal Winchester, Ohio
Emergency Registered Veterinary Technician - Days Cincinnati, Ohio
Emergency Registered Veterinary Technician - Full Time, Afternoons/Evenings Columbus, Ohio
Emergency Registered Veterinary Technician - Full Time, Overnights Canal Winchester, Ohio
Emergency Registered Veterinary Technician- Days Carmel, Indiana
Emergency Registered Veterinary Technician- Nights Dayton, Ohio
Emergency Technician Assistant McMurray, Pennsylvania
Emergency Veterinarian Idaho Falls, Idaho
Emergency Veterinarian Cincinnati, Ohio
Emergency Veterinarian Austin, Texas
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Human Resources

Talent Acquisition Coordinator Worthington, Ohio

Internal Medicine

2nd Veterinary Internist Brook Park, Ohio
Internal Medicine Veterinary Technician Commerce, Michigan
Internal Medicine Veterinary Technician Norwalk, Connecticut
Internal Medicine Veterinary Technician Chicago, Illinois
Locum/Relief Veterinary Internist Worthington, Ohio
Specialist Veterinarians – All Locations - National Worthington, Ohio
Veterinary Internist Worthington, Ohio
Veterinary Internist Asheville, North Carolina
Veterinary Internist Scottsdale, Arizona
Veterinary Internist Dallas, Texas
Veterinary Internist Cincinnati, Ohio
Veterinary Internist Austin, Texas
Veterinary Internist Lexington, Kentucky
Veterinary Internist Commerce, Michigan
Veterinary Internist Atlanta, Georgia
Veterinary Internist Dayton, Ohio
Veterinary Internist - $100,000 Signing Bonus!! Mountain View, California
Veterinary Internist - $100,000 Signing Bonus!! San Jose, California
Veterinary Internist - Generous Signing Bonus Jupiter, Florida
Veterinary Internist - Generous Signing Bonus! Houston, Texas
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Medical Oncology

Locum/Relief Veterinary Medical Oncologist Worthington, Ohio
Medical Oncology - Registered Veterinary Technician Brook Park, Ohio
Medical Oncology Registered Veterinary Technician Worthington, Ohio
Oncology Licensed Veterinary Technician - Days City of Manassas, Virginia
Veterinary Medical Oncologist Houston, Texas
Veterinary Medical Oncologist Jupiter, Florida
Veterinary Medical Oncologist Mobile, Alabama
Veterinary Medical Oncologist Norwalk, Connecticut
Veterinary Medical Oncologist Lexington, Kentucky
Veterinary Medical Oncologist Commerce, Michigan
Veterinary Medical Oncologist Dallas, Texas
Veterinary Medical Oncologist -- Portland, OR Suburb Vancouver, Washington
Veterinary Technician - Medical Oncology Chicago, Illinois


3rd Veterinary Neurologist Dallas, Texas
Experienced Veterinary Assistant for Neurology - Days Dallas, Texas
Locum/Relief Veterinary Neurologist Worthington, Ohio
Neurology Scheduling Coordinator - Full Time Worthington, Ohio
Neurology Veterinary Doctor Coordinator - Days Chicago, Illinois
Veterinary Neurologist South Salt Lake, Utah
Veterinary Neurologist Carmel, Indiana
Veterinary Neurologist Commerce, Michigan
Veterinary Neurologist Brook Park, Ohio
Veterinary Neurologist Norwalk, Connecticut

Nursing & ICU

Contingent ER Veterinary Technician Norwalk, Connecticut
Contingent Registered Veterinary Technician- Nursing Brook Park, Ohio
Experienced Veterinary Assistant for Emergency and ICU - Contingent New Orleans, Louisiana
ICU Licensed Veterinary Technician Vancouver, Washington
ICU Veterinary Technician - 1st shift McMurray, Pennsylvania
Nursing & ICU Veterinary Technician - Part-Time, Overnight Houston, Texas
Nursing Clinical Manager Brook Park, Ohio
Nursing Veterinary Assistant Brook Park, Ohio
Nursing Veterinary Assistant- Overnight Cincinnati, Ohio
Nursing Veterinary Technician- Overnight South Salt Lake, Utah
Nursing Veterinary Technician-Days Garden City, Idaho
Nursing/Emergency Veterinary Clinical Supervisor-Overnights South Salt Lake, Utah
Overnight Registered Veterinary Technician Brook Park, Ohio
Overnight Registered Veterinary Technician- Nursing Akron, Ohio
Part-time Nursing Veterinary Assistant 2nd shift Akron, Ohio
Technician Assistant - Full Time, Overnights Worthington, Ohio
Veterinary Assistant for ICU and Nursing - Evenings Dallas, Texas
Veterinary Clinical Supervisor Nursing/ICU - Overnights Dallas, Texas
Veterinary Technician - Nursing and ICU Chicago, Illinois
Veterinary Technician Assistant San Jose, California


Facility Technician
2 Locations
Operations Partner Chicago, Illinois
Operations Partner
3 Locations
Operations Technician Mountain View, California
Operations Technician Mandeville, Louisiana
Operations Technician Dallas, Texas


Ophthalmology Credentialed Veterinary Technician Brook Park, Ohio
Ophthalmology Licensed Veterinary Technician City of Manassas, Virginia
Ophthalmology Registered Veterinary Technician Worthington, Ohio
Ophthalmology Technician Assistant Jupiter, Florida
Ophthalmology Veterinary Assistant Brook Park, Ohio
Ophthalmology Veterinary Assistant - Days City of Manassas, Virginia
Ophthalmology Veterinary Assistant - Days Plano, Texas
Ophthalmology Veterinary Client Services Representative - Full Time Worthington, Ohio
Ophthalmology Veterinary Technician Plano, Texas
Speciality Veterinary Clinical Manager City of Manassas, Virginia
Veterinary Ophthalmologist Akron, Ohio
Veterinary Ophthalmologist Chicago, Illinois
Veterinary Ophthalmologist - VEI Dallas, Texas
Veterinary Ophthalmologist - VEI Anaheim, California
Veterinary Ophthalmologist - VEI Ocala Ocala, FL
Veterinary Ophthalmology Certified Technician or Experienced Veterinary Assistant Jupiter, Florida

Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology Technician Assistant South Salt Lake, Utah
Veterinary Radiation Oncologist Norwalk, Connecticut


2nd Veterinary Radiologist Dallas, Texas
3rd Veterinary Radiologist FT or PT Chicago, Illinois
Locum/Relief Veterinary Radiologist Worthington, Ohio
Radiology Veterinary Technician Assistant Cincinnati, Ohio
Teleradiology Specialist
2 Locations
Veterinary Radiologist New Orleans, Louisiana
Veterinary Radiologist Garden City, Idaho
Veterinary Radiologist Carmel, Indiana
Veterinary Radiologist Cincinnati, Ohio
Veterinary Radiologist Austin, Texas
Veterinary Radiologist Worthington, Ohio
Veterinary Radiologist Commerce, Michigan
Veterinary Radiologist Jupiter, Florida
Veterinary Radiologist Akron, Ohio
Veterinary Radiologist Dayton, Ohio
Veterinary Radiologist Scottsdale, Arizona
Veterinary Radiologist Atlanta, Georgia
Veterinary Radiologist -- Boise, ID Suburb Meridian, Idaho
Veterinary Radiologist -- Portland, OR Suburb Vancouver, Washington
Veterinary Teleradiologist United States


Rehabilitation Veterinarian Garden City, Idaho
Rehabilitation Veterinary Assistant - Full Time, Day Shift Worthington, Ohio

Social Work & Experience

Referral Partner Liaison Vancouver, Washington
Veterinary Social Worker Garden City, Idaho


2nd Veterinary Surgeon Asheville, North Carolina
3rd Veterinary Surgeon - $100,000 Signing Bonus!! Carmel, Indiana
4th Veterinary Surgeon Cincinnati, Ohio
Anesthesia/Surgery Veterinary Technician - Days Mobile, Alabama
Experienced Surgery Veterinary Assistant or Credentialed Technician South Salt Lake, Utah
Locum/Relief Veterinary Surgeon Worthington, Ohio
Registered Veterinary Technician- Surgery Department Akron, Ohio
Seasonal Veterinary Technician Assistant Surgery - Sterile Processing Akron, Ohio
Specialty Veterinary Clinical Manager Asheville, North Carolina
Surgery Registered Veterinary Technician Carmel, Indiana
Surgery Registered Veterinary Technician - Variable Hours Mountain View, California
Surgery Veterinary Assistant Brook Park, Ohio
Surgery Veterinary Assistant McMurray, Pennsylvania
Surgery Veterinary Technician - Relief Chicago, Illinois
Veterinary Clinical Supervisor for Surgery Dallas, Texas
Veterinary Doctor Coordinator for Surgery Dallas, Texas
Veterinary Doctor Coordinator- Surgery Department Akron, Ohio
Veterinary Surgeon Scottsdale, Arizona
Veterinary Surgeon Commerce, Michigan
Veterinary Surgeon San Jose, California
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Urgent Care

Urgent Care Veterinarian - FT/PT Dayton, Ohio
Urgent Care Veterinarian FT/PT Girard, Ohio
Urgent Care Veterinary Assistant Worthington, Ohio
Urgent Care Veterinary Technician Sandy, Utah
Veterinarian Sandy, Utah
Veterinary Assistant for Urgent Care - Evenings Richardson, Texas
Veterinary Technician Assistant for Urgent Care Sandy, Utah