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Welcome to Dynacare Careers, your introduction to working for a company that’s committed to being Canada’s health and wellness solutions leader.

Every day our employees impact the lives of tens of thousands of patients and healthcare providers across Canada by delivering high-quality laboratory and health services. We also work with governments, hospitals, industry and other key stakeholders in order to benefit and improve Canada’s healthcare system.

We are focused on supporting healthy lives with commitment and care. If you share this mission then you may have what it takes to join the Dynacare team.

We invite you to learn more about working at Dynacare—a company that has been named one of Canada’s top employers year after year.

Open Positions

CDQA / Développement clinique et assurance de la qualité

Manager, Genetics - #2018-4798 (reqID) Brampton, ON
Medical Laboratory Technologist - Genetics - #2020-4968 (reqID) Brampton, ON
Technical Specialist, Genetics - #2018-4799 (reqID) Brampton, ON

Corporate Quality Assurance / Assurance qualité entreprise

Analyst , System validation - #2020-4929 (reqID) Brampton, ON

Information Technology / Technologies de l'information

Application Support Analyst - #2020-4894 (reqID) Brampton, ON

Lab Operations / Opérations Laboratoire

Medical Laboratory Technologist - #2020-4862 (reqID) Brampton, ON
Medical Laboratory Technologist - #2020-4897 (reqID) Brampton, ON

Logistics / Logistique

Courier - #2020-4838 (reqID) Ottawa, Ontario
Courier - #2020-4985 (reqID) Lac La Biche, Alberta
Courier - #2020-4827 (reqID) Kamloops, BC
Courier - #2020-4939 (reqID) St-Laurent, QC
Courier - #2020-4914 (reqID) Ottawa, Ontario
Courier - Casual - #2020-4982 (reqID) PETERBOROUGH, ON
Manager, Mailroom and Warehouse - #2018-4786 (reqID) Brampton, ON
Répartiteur / Coordinateur - #2020-4820 (reqID) St-Laurent, QC
Warehouse Lead - #2020-4967 (reqID) Ottawa, Ontario

Operations / Opérations

Cytotechnologist - #2020-4957 (reqID) Brampton, ON

Transportation / Transport

Courier - #2020-4898 (reqID) Winnipeg, MB
Courier - #2020-4936 (reqID)
3 Locations
Courier - #2020-4845 (reqID) London, Ontario
Courier - #2020-4938 (reqID) St-Laurent, QC
Manager, Operations - #2020-4844 (reqID) Brampton, ON