Senior Social Media and Content Marketing Manager

Media & Communications Arlington, Virginia


Position at Ashoka

Ashoka is seeking a motivated and passionate Social Media and Content Marketing Manager. Candidates must have strong skills and experience in social media communications, marketing, and communications.

In addition to crafting and executing a social media and content marketing strategy, we require an experienced, skilled intrapreneur who can convene and build powerful partnerships to support leadership of this historic change. You will seek and develop relationships with media outlets and influencers and build a bridge between them and Ashoka’s global communications team for deeper partnership development.

By applying your intrapreneurial and creative skills, you will have an opportunity to experiment, innovate, and grow. Your performance will be rewarded for effectively using social media to engage Ashoka’s key audiences and helping cultivate critical partnerships.

The position will be based in the Washington, DC area.


  • Translate business objectives into social and content strategies and campaigns to deliver business impact
  • Drive campaign development that engages target audiences
  • Develop proper KPIs and track and report against them, and align the team’s activities and focus to where they will have the greatest impact
  • Integrate with internal comms/marketing stakeholders to ensure collaboration of communications and brand strategies
  • Develop and lead an influencer strategy to deliver on brand and business goals
  • Develop scalable link building and outreach strategy in partnership with Ashoka Global Communications team
  • Lead and develop team of social media and content specialists, fostering a data/performance-driven, highly-engaged team
  • Provide overall management and coordination for Ashoka's social media accounts - including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram - and launch additional platforms as appropriate
  • Create and curate compelling social media content and articles for posting Configure and maintain a social media management system and calendar
  • Grow and cultivate a social media audience and manage analytics; identify what is working what is not and be able to adjust and adapt
  • Cross-promote content for syndication partners/completion partners
  • Build relationships with communications leaders and identify opportunities for Ashoka’s Global communications team to build deeper communications partnerships

Critical Qualities:

  • Entrepreneurial quality
  • “Gets” and believes “everyone a changemaker”
  • Social and emotional intelligence
  • Exceptional ethical fiber
  • Fluency in high-concept English


  • Experience in creating social media content and content campaigns
  • Excellent writing and editorial skills
  • Experience in planning and executing engagement strategies / planning and goal setting
  • Experience with audience analytics, AB testing, and audience management or customer service
  • Experience and proficiency with social media and management tools such as Hootsuite
  • Experience developing brand awareness and online reputation
  • Channel-specific content optimization expertise
  • Awareness of latest digital marketing trends and tools
  • Possess ability to identify potential engagement opportunities and ability to map Ashoka’s work to trending news
  • Ability to engage and form partnerships with communications leaders in other organizations
  • Possess skills for working and leading in a fluid team culture, including empathy, patience, advocacy, and conflict resolution
  • Have an adaptable and creative mindset
  • Must be authorized to work in the United States.

More about this position:

This is a lifetime opportunity to take your career to the next level by playing a central role - at this historic turning point - in helping move the world decisively and consciously into its “everyone a changemaker” future. You will be building awareness of and engagement with an international and entrepreneurial organization as a critical part of a global marketing team.

The work begins with Ashoka’s building a core group of the world's leading social entrepreneurs who identify critical parts of society that are ready to tip toward this fundamental change. The Ashoka team then engages leaders of some of the top institutions in industry, government, education, unions, media, and other sectors in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Ashoka helps them build their own teams to transform their institutions and bring along networks that touch the lives of people throughout the world. These “Big Game” player partners with which you would work are newsworthy and bring, in addition to their extensive networks, substantial communications resources. We seek a colleague who can bring together and lead the full Ashoka community in a broad-based communications strategy that sparks a movement to transform society.