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Empathy Arlington, Virginia


Position at Ashoka

Despite how the world is changing, only a handful of children are consistently provided with the learning environments and opportunities necessary to help them develop the skills they need to thrive. We must shift this pattern. We urgently must see young people as changemakers and help them develop the skills they need to be empathetic, ethical actors who will positively impact their own lives, their communities, their schools, their companies, their countries and the world, now and throughout their lives.

Ashoka seeks to catalyze a global “framework change” to transform how society understands success in growing up. The fact that every parent and educator today knows his or her child or student must be able
 to read to succeed is the result of a previous societal framework change around literacy—from the old paradigm of literacy of the elite to the new paradigm of literacy for all. Today, everyone knows that a child who doesn’t learn to read will get left behind.

But now we face a new shift, from the old paradigm 
of education for repetitive function jobs in hierarchical environments, to the new paradigm of education for changemaking in fluid environments. To thrive in a world of rapid change, every child must grow up developing the essential skills of empathy, teamwork, leadership, and changemaking.

At the foundation of Ashoka’s efforts to create an Everyone a Changemaker  world, and to transform the youth years in support of that vision, is the paradigm that "Empathy is foundational to everyone’s ability to live successful, fulfilled lives as changemakers".

Every Child Must Master Empathy

We are looking for an extraordinary entrepreneur to lead the Global Empathy Initiative

We have a powerful opportunity for an imaginative, collaborative entrepreneur.  If you are an accomplished leader (from any field) who has built or grown an organisation from early stages to large size, has built teams, believes in the power of networks, and are looking for the next big challenge, come join us.