Senior Scrum Master

Technology Providence, Rhode Island


As a Senior Scrum Master, you are an Agile subject-matter expert; know not only how to “do” agile but how to “be agile; and have excellent logic and problem-solving skills and a drive to make a difference. You embody servant leadership, putting the team before yourself. You will be responsible for both facilitating your team to be Agile and making Scrum work for your team, removing impediments from your team while promoting self-management, and constantly improving our standards, quality, and productivity. You should do anything in your power to help your team perform at its highest level. You will also be the consummate coach, with many examples where you influenced your teams towards self-improvement and generated great team results.  You nurture effective collaboration and provide facilitation, leadership, and coaching skills supporting the teams developing our software products. You serve one to multiple Scrum teams in an environment where we strive for consistent, predictable, high-quality delivery while having a bit of fun.  You provide mentorship and coaching to your less seasoned peers.  You influence business and product executives as well as product leaders and technology teams with respect to agile principles, values, practices, cadence, flow, and how to build, grow, and maintain a thriving agile organization.

Job Description

  • Serve as liaison between technical and non-technical departments
  • Communicate with management, developers, product managers, product owners and support specialists on product issues; improve inter-team communications
  • Provide agile leadership and coaching to product owners, functional managers, executives and teams.
  • Facilitate the team’s and the organization’s continued adoption and adaption of Scrum
  • Support the product development process
    • Organize and facilitate project planning, daily stand-up meetings, reviews, retrospectives, sprint and release planning, demos and other Scrum-related meetings; help the team abide by its time boxes and other agreements
    • Track and communicate team velocity and sprint/release progress
    • Participate in the planning and coordination of our Scrum of Scrums
    • Maintain the Agile Release Board for their Scrum team
    • Ensure the teams are practicing the core agile principles of self-direction, collaboration, business prioritization, team accountability, and transparency, toward the consistent delivery of working product
    • Expose teams to the latest innovative thinking and ideas from the Agile community to increase agility, leveraging Lean, Scrum, Kanban, and other Agile thinking
  • Support the Product Owner
    • Assist as needed with backlog maintenance, and with User Story writing w/good Acceptance Test development
    • Be a channel for internal and external communication, improving transparency, and radiating information
    • Assist with prioritization and resolution of defects/bugs
  • Support the Product Team
    • Assist team with making appropriate commitments through relative backlog sizing, sprint story selection, task definition
    • Participate proactively in developing and maintaining team standards, tools, and best practices
    • Identify and remove impediments, prevent distractions
    • Facilitate discussion and conflict resolution; improve team dynamics
    • Empower the team to self-organize; set the tone for ever increasing quality / velocity within the team—leading to high performance and exceeding expectations
    • Enforce (encourage, cajole, limit to) time box agreements
    • Support the team in its use of Jira and Confluence for its card wall, requirements, documentation, velocity, burn-up and progress
  • Support other Scrum Masters
    • Provide mentorship to Associate Scrum Masters and Scrum Masters
    • Help Agile Coach steer direction and standards of Scrum Mastery across teams
  • Support the Organization
    • Field questions from executives and the organization on hoe we are working, any why.


  • 5-10 years of Scrum Master experience for a software development team
  • Bachelor's degree or combination of relevant education and experience
  • A Certified Scrum Master (CSM) or has taken equivalent training, ideally multiples thereof, and lots of experience to back it up
  • Experience with Confluence and Jira (or similar)
  • Engineering, Product Management or Product Design experience, especially in an agile environment
  • Demonstrated agile coaching experience with methods such as XP, Scrum, Lean, or Kanban
  • Experience with Confluence and Jira (or similar)


  • Agile Leadership skills with an ability to lead by example and challenge command and control behaviors
  • Ability to Scrum Master multiple mature teams effectively
  • Ability to instill Agile values and make teams productive, at any level of maturity
  • Engineering, Product Management or Product Design experience, especially in an agile environment
  • Understands and embraces servant leadership and displays the behaviors that come with the key mindset shifts associated with agile methods
  • Ability to coach the team (and individuals) to work together to reach their highest potential; able to have courageous crucial conversations when necessary
  • Ability to understand technical issues at a high level
  • Thorough understanding of agile software development values, principles, roles, cadence, flow and practices, including backlog sizing, release planning, Scrum of Scrums, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Pair Programming
  • Thorough understanding of the software development lifecycle
  • Must have exceptional communication, organization, and time management skills
  • Must be “self-motivated” and capable of managing multiple priorities and tasks
  • Must be creative and efficient in proposing solutions to complex, time-critical problems
  • Must be collaborative in driving decisions
  • Must be a team-player
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with a high attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


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