Open Positions


Ashoka - Partnerships and Communication Intern (BE/CH) Brussels, Belgium

Ashoka U.S.

Ashoka - US Team - Intern Remote (telecommuting), United States

CEJ I : Empathy

Empathy Leader, Ashoka South Asia Bangalore, India
Empathy Movement Leader, Ashoka North America Arlington, Virginia


Global Changemakers Community Manager Multiple cities, United States

Country Representative

Ashoka - Country Co-Director - UK & Ireland London, United Kingdom


Ashoka - Empathy Leader - Indonesia JAKARTA, Indonesia
Ashoka - Empathy Movement Leader (Europe) - UK London, United Kingdom
Ashoka - Global Empathy, Leadership Group Member Arlington, Virginia

Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur (E2)

Ashoka - E-2 Creative Writer Remote (telecommuting), United States
Ashoka - E-2 Grant Writer Remote (telecommuting), United States

Executive Office

Ashoka - External Affairs & Media Manager - Executive Office Arlington, Virginia


Senior Accountant WDC, District Of Columbia

Framework Change

Ashoka - Framework Change Leader (Europe) - UK London, United Kingdom
Ashoka - Framework Change, Vice President, Africa Lagos, Nigeria
Framework Change and Communications Leader, Ashoka North America Arlington, Virginia
Framework Change Leader, South Asia Bangalore, India


Ashoka - Community Manager - Planet & Climate (Lagos) Lagos, Nigeria

Global Partnerships

Ashoka - Leader, Chapters Arlington, Virginia
Ethical Consumption Intern Arlington, Virginia
Product Management Intern Arlington, Virginia

Latin America

Ashoka Latin America Intern Arlington, Virginia


Ashoka Integrity - Social Entrepreneurship and Legal Transformation Internship Arlington, Virginia

Media & Communications

Leadership Group Member, Global Framework Change and Marketing WDC, District Of Columbia


Ashoka - A General Application - any country in the world Other, Belgium
Ashoka - Volunteers - UK London, United Kingdom

Social Financial Services (SFS)

Economic Architecture - Entrepreneurial Leader WDC, District Of Columbia
Economic Architecture - Partnership Builder WDC, District Of Columbia

Strategic Partnerships

Ashoka Romania Senior Partnerships Manager Bucharest, Romania


Ashoka - Global Venture & Fellowship Leader Arlington, Virginia
Ashoka - Global Venture, Leadership Group Member Arlington, Virginia
Law for All Initiative – Program Leader Bangalore, India

Youth Venture

Youth Years Leadership Group Member, South Asia Bangalore, India

Youth Years

Ashoka - Youth Years Leader (Europe) - UK London, United Kingdom
Global Youth Years Leader Arlington, Virginia
Leadership Group Member, Youth Years, South East Asia JAKARTA, Indonesia
Youth Years Leader, North America Arlington, Virginia

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