Sr. Software Engineer, VisualOne

Engineering Bellevue, Washington


Are you a stubborn person who's not afraid of searching for a needle in a stack (or on the heap for that matter)? Are you a polyglot who picks the best programming language for the task at hand? Can you put together a hack yet apply the most relevant design patterns to it? Would a stack trace tell you more than all the documentation in the world? Then we have the best job you'll ever have! 

We Have:

  • Applications that manage millions of hotel bookings every day
  • Thousands of customers around the world
  • Quintessence of hospitality encapsulated in a platform that is taking the industry by storm
  • A mixture of technologies from WinForms to Docker
  • An open mind for new ideas

You Have:

  • Microservices design and implementation experience with .Net Core and Entity Framework Core, Docker
  • Practical, broad object-oriented skills with .NET Framework / C# / VB.Net
  • Full ADLC experience with commercial software, from inception to shipping
  • Experience with WinForms, Windows services and web services development
  • Proficiency in relational database design and development with MS SQL Server and/or Postgres
  • 5+ years in an enterprise software development role
  • Led local and distributed teams of developers
  • Produced architecture and design documentation
  • Solid Visual Studio debugging skills
  • Creative approach to solving problems
  • Test automation and CI
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or similar field

You Might Have Done:

  • Elegant and creative solutions to complex programming problems
  • Mobile and HTML5 UI development
  • VB6 and Visual C++ programming
  • Cloud and hybrid application design on Microsoft Azure or AWS
  • DevOps automation, CI and CD
  • Remote debugging
  • JIT consulting
  • Extensive refactoring and monolithic to microservices conversions
  • Behind-the-façade architecture improvements
  • Work in the hospitality industry