Landscape Manager

Other Sapulpa, Oklahoma


Position at Paragon Industries, Inc.

The role of the Landscape Manager is to provide Paragon Industries, Inc. with a landscape that is an attractive, clean and natural environment in which to work, and ensure that full use of all company grounds facilities is available at all times.


  • Related field experience in this region
  • Good communication skills


  • Manage time and resources well and demonstrate good organizational and leadership ability with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Work under pressure when required and work overtime as and when the role and responsibilities requires it.
  • Committed, motivated, and able to achieve tasks in the required time frames
  • A positive attitude
  • Self-Motivated
  • Able to prioritize important matters and act on them accordingly.
  • Able to resolve conflicts and manage grievances.


  • Previous landscape construction experience is advantageous
  • Must have the ability to analyze landscape development plans for accuracy, appropriateness and compliance
  • Knowledge of this region and the grass/plants/flowers/etc that flourish here.
  • A clean criminal record and a person of sober habits is required


  • Establish landscape, gardens and ground maintenance service strategies.
  • Develop and establish effective landscape, gardens and ground maintenance solutions inclusive of techniques and processes.
  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding environment to complement existing architecture, and ensure longevity of the grounds.


  • Coordinate with the landscape team that work is being completed and quality control measures are being adhered to.
  • Communicate effectively with the landscape team to ensure tasks and instructions are understood.
  • Ensure that landscape team members are completing the tasks at hand within reasonable and required time frames
  • Ensure footpaths and walkways are safe and in good condition.
  • Ensure boundary fences and surrounds are neat and visible at all times
  • Ensure that watering and irrigation systems are functioning correctly, managing boreholes; irrigation controller times and zones, and ensure that any subcontractors are fulfilling the roles that are required.
  • Ensure that all work performed is of a suitable and acceptable quality.
  • Work with sub-contractors and their staff.
  • Evaluate the status of the gardens and surrounding areas on a continuous basis, and upgrade where necessary.
  • Identify potential problem areas and take remedial steps.
  • Control expenses and costs of plants, equipment and resources
  • Able to prioritize important matters and act on them accordingly.
  • Able to resolve conflicts and manage grievances in the landscape team.
  • Take responsibility and accountability for all grounds and landscape areas.