Custodian - Ballard Locks

General Ballard, WA


Northwest Center is now hiring a Custodian to work with us at the Ballard Locks!

This is a one-year, temporary role for people currently receiving support from the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). 

The Custodian is responsible for working with on-site support to perform cleaning tasks. Duties will include daily and periodic cleaning tasks such as dusting, emptying trash, sweeping and mopping floors as well as cleaning glass and metalwork.


Schedule: Monday-Thursday from 8AM - 11:30AM

Part-time, 14 hours per week

Location: Ballard Locks, 3015 NW 54th St. Seattle, WA 98107

Wage: $18.50 per hour + $4.23 per hour H&W pay


Essential Functions

  • Regular and reliable attendance. 
  • Performing daily and periodic cleaning tasks, including but not limited to: 
    • Sweeping and mopping hard floors 
    • Vacuuming carpeted areas 
    • Cleaning glass, chrome fixtures, and metalwork 
    • Cleaning corridors, doors, walls, and elevators. 
    • Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom sinks, toilet bowls, urinals, stalls, and floors 
  • Ensuring the security of assigned keys, supplies, and equipment 
  • Maintaining satisfactory standards of professional conduct and appearance. 
  • Ensuring a high level of customer service by solving problems raised by the customer.   
  • Immediately informing supervisor of customer and employee relations issues. 
  • Efficiently utilizing time to ensure all required deadlines are met. 
  • Assisting in ongoing quality assurance programs, including regular inspections, documenting findings, and implementing continuous quality improvement programs. 
  • Providing appropriate role modeling for assigned staff in personal hygiene and uniform wearing as required by Contract. 



  • Must be a Current DDA Client
  • Ability to deliver quality work in a timely manner
  • Demonstrated ability to work in cooperation with team members, staff, and customers. 
  • Consistently lift and carry up to 50 lbs with or without assistance 
  • Ability to stand an estimated 90% of the time
  • Custodial experience preferred.


Northwest Center is committed to offering reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities. If you need any assistance or accommodations with the application or interview process, please contact us at [email protected]. 

At Northwest Center, we do not just accept diversity and inclusion — we celebrate it, support it, live it, and flourish in it to benefit our employees, the community, and our clientele. We believe that our strength lies within our diversity and the forward motion towards a day when people of all abilities can learn and work together. Northwest Center is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, including disability and veteran status.