MMGY Global is the world’s leading integrated marketing communications company specializing in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

About Us

When MMGY Global started, the idea was simply to do whatever travel, tourism and hospitality brands asked of us. Forty years later, the same could be said, but as our company and the world evolved, so did our understanding of what we do, and ultimately why we love it. Inspiring people to go places is our mantra, but it’s what else travel can inspire that keeps us going.

It’s the idea that our work on behalf of our clients will lead to something greater, like opening travelers up to new perspectives, deeper human connection and understanding, a feeling of togetherness, and hopefully, someday, a better world. Yes, it’s a big goal, and perhaps we’ll never quite reach that destination. But if you’re like us, it won’t stop you from trying.

Values Mission

Our company will help to create a connected, inclusive and peaceful world by promoting travel as a cultural bridge of understanding. We will empower our staff and the travel industry at large to create economic opportunity, community pride and personal fulfillment rooted in the industry of travel, hospitality and entertainment.

Our Values


    By embracing our differences and learning from each other, we will grow together.


    We believe that to go places as a company, we must give others the opportunity to shine.


    Our relentless search to understand and seek out new ideas leads to groundbreaking success.


    Being creative is not about design and copy, but the approach we all take to finding solutions every day.


    To lead the industry, we must continually strive to find new opportunities and embrace change.



Our Culture



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