Senior DevOps Engineer

Engineering Salt Lake City, Utah


Who We Are 
Mavenlink is the Industry Cloud for Professional Services. Our mission is to reinvent the way Services organizations do business by providing a complete project delivery platform - transforming the way Services organizations work!

About the opportunity 
As a DevOps Engineer at Mavenlink, you’ll be part of our collaborative R&D unit supporting a growing team of engineers and a scaling product. Unlike any you’ve seen, our department has been a beacon of collaboration for the company. Pair-programming, continuous learning, coaching and mentorships, full-stack development, and weekly growth sessions are just a few of the ways we’ve created a one-of-a-kind culture for engineers where we’ve intentionally eliminated the silo!

Goals and Responsibilities 
Mavenlink’s product is changing the entire services industry, and engineering has a front-row seat. Some of the areas of focus include: 

  • Integrating with developers to form a close relationship and shared goals 
  • Collaborate with engineers and product team to Increase efficiency using automation end-to-end 
  • Manage CI/CD pipeline, administer cloud platform and usage, while being able to empower and support the development function
  • Manage and help iterate on our Infrastructure-as-Code and Kubernetes implementation
Your Profile 
In a nutshell, you’re creative. Our unique environment means we’re looking for an adaptive individual - rather than find a DevOps person from another silo, we’re looking for a developer who’s crossed over to DevOps at some point! You’re a Rubyist or consider yourself agnostic in OOP languages and the administration of them. Automation is your middle name (okay, not exactly - but it’s a big deal for you), and you have extensive thoughts on deploy automation and Infrastructure-as-Code. A great addition would bring: 
  • 3+ years of developer experience 
  • A year of exposure to operations tools and working with DevOps technologies 
  • A strong desire to be part of a dynamic team of engineers at all levels 
Our Philosophy 
Working for a successful smaller-size tech company is a lifestyle choice rather than a job choice. We believe every company can be successful with the right technology and that every individual can be successful with the right culture. We believe in collaboration - that working hand-in-hand brings the best thoughts to the table and creates an environment of learning and growth.

Here, you’ll enjoy: 
  • An intentionally engaging culture - ditch the silo! 
  • Competitive pay and benefit options 
  • Strong work-life balance as a focus of the company 
  • The chance to learn from some of the best people in the business, including the company’s founders 
  • A vibrant, collaborative, and devoted team, who still makes time for fun
  • Snacks? Check. Drinks? Check. Game nights? Check! 
At Mavenlink, we strive to create an inclusive workplace that upholds the dignity of all people. We value, respect, and celebrate everyone’s individualities and honor their unique strengths from all different walks of life. We believe that embracing the diversity of thought and perspective encourages collaboration that leads to product (and people!) innovation, diverse products, and a successful business.