It’s not uncommon for our members to use words like “hero” or “angel” after we help save them hundreds of dollars on their monthly payments, or when we give them the home loan no one else would.

While we don’t let those accolades go to our heads, we still get goosebumps. Because there’s nothing more powerful than lifting others up. For us, it’s all in a day’s work.

At Marine Credit Union, you’ll often hear us tell our members “you’re more than a credit score” because we truly believe it. We know there’s more to a members’ story than what a number will tell, so we listen. And we help.

We provide access to financial services when others say no. Why? Because everyone deserves a chance. It’s that simple.

Marine is constantly growing, and we’re proudly serving over 90,000 members throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. Are you ready to come grow with us?