Marine’s combination of rich employment benefits, professional development options, community and volunteer involvement, and meaningful work provides amazing opportunities for success. And a team of equally dedicated colleagues helps amplify that success, extending it to our members and the communities we serve.

A single person can make a ripple. A team like Marine’s makes waves. Come join us.

Why Choose Marine

Scott Belloma

“I love being able to help people with a mortgage loan who have continuously been turned down by other financial institutions. I also like the relationships I’ve built with other local lenders and realtors.”

– Scott Belloma

Joanne Busack

“I chose to work for Marine because they actually care about the people that work for them, as well as the members that come to the branch for assistance with their banking needs.”

– Joanne Busack

Travis Polodna

“The work-life balance at Marine is greater than any other sales job. I am also excited about the career growth and how quickly I could grow at Marine.”

– Travis Polodna

“Marine offers the opportunity for me to set goals and strive to meet them. I’ve been able to experience different roles which have helped me develop personally and professionally.”

– Erin Wencl

“I like that Marine is willing and able to help those that truly are in need of it or are turned away by others. I like that there is an individual approach to each application and local approval decisions.”

- Scott Runke

“Knowing that there are opportunities for me to grow within Marine really made me excited to work here.”

- Lauren Norenberg

When we build our members’ financial knowledge and strength, we position them to be stronger collaborators and contributors in the communities we share. Our Marine employees play a pivotal role in driving community growth through their volunteer efforts, their participation in community outreach activities through the Marine Credit Union Foundation, and their work each day to support our members' journeys toward financial ownership.

If your vision of success includes raising others up and if you’re driven to make a difference each day in the work you do, Marine is for you. Join us!