Clinical Analyst

Professional Lawrence, Kansas



Vizient® Clinical Data Base (CDB) is an online solution that enables us to compare our organization’s clinical outcome performance with that of other hospitals and run analyses within your organization. Vizient CDB is the definitive analytic platform for performance improvement, trusted by 97 percent of academic medical centers, more than 50 health care systems, and over 400 community hospitals nationwide, as of September 2020.

The Clinical Analyst is responsible for being the subject matter expert of the Clinical Data Base and Resource Manager (CDB/RM). This position will access end-user management reports and tools, develop custom reports to meet the needs of the organization, and act as the trainer for staff on the solution.

The Clinical Analyst is also responsible for being the subject matter expert of the HealtheIntent platform that includes HealtheRegistries, HealtheAnalytics, and HealtheCare. This position will access reports and dashboards, develop custom reports to meet the needs of the organization.

  1. Essential Job Responsibilities: Vizient CDB/RM


  1. Acts as subject matter expert with key reports and methodology in the solution, such as, Clinical Outcomes Report, Quality and Safety Management Report, Vitals in Performance (VIP) tool, Quality & Accountability Study.
  2. Analyze, communicate results to key stakeholders to drive the direction of the organization.
  3. Acts as the leader for access, training and education, and general liaising with Vizient
  4. Responsible for determining, assigning, and maintaining appropriate access levels for end-users for organization. The Clinical Analyst uses the Vizient Security Administration Tool (SAT) to complete these tasks.

CDB access levels include subcategories (physician profiling, patient-level access, data download capability, and the ability to use the expression builder). It includes Resource Manager level access, as well as any end-user accessible management reports and tools.

  1. Educate new database users and report users.
  2. Communicates with Vizient to ensure appropriate access changes are relayed to Vizient so that internal records are updated appropriately.
  3. Serve as a liaison to answer frequently asked questions.
  4. Share knowledge of Vizient resources and keep staff current with new features and enhancements.
  5. Review and update our CDB Hospital PROFILER information and characteristics on an annual basis.
  6. Act as the organization’s potential networking contact for other member institutions.
  7. Participates in regular reviews of the Data Quality Report (DQR) and Consolidated Patient Data Feed (CPDF) transmission completeness and frequency with appropriate staff.


  • Essential Job Responsibilities: Cerner HealtheIntent
  1. Act as subject matter expert with algorithms used to define the metrics in HealtheRegistries.
  2. Write custom reports, performs analysis, and communicates information to key stakeholders to drive the direction of the organization.
  3. Act as subject matter expert with HealtheAnalytics by recognizing the generic reports available.
  4. Write custom reports or dashboards to address the needs of the physician division.
  5. Act as subject matter expert with the HealtheCare solution.
  6. Write custom reports or dashboards to address the needs of the physician division and population health.

This position will complete special projects as assigned. This position may include other responsibilities such as data integration to and maintenance of applicable databases and other supporting databases.

  1. Identify new sources of data and methods to improve data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  2. Report data in a comprehensive and repeatable way.



  • Clinical Informatics or equivalent experience (bachelor’s degree)
  • Two years of experience in data analytics with clinical focus.
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office products, especially Advanced Excel, as well as experience with spreadsheets, graphics and database management software
  • Superior interpersonal skills including clear and effective communication (both written and verbal) with diverse audiences, strong listening skills and the ability to problem solve and make informed decisions.
  • Good organizational skills; ability to prioritize, use good time management and adhere to deadlines as directed
  • Strong and collaborative team player; works well in a continuous learning environment.


  • Master’s degree
BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS (common to all positions)      
  • Patient 1st – We consider the patient first in everything we do.
  • Better Together – We are part of the LMH team that works together to achieve excellence.
  • Speak Up – We embrace a transparent culture of open, respectful communication where ideas are valued and solutions are created.
  • Innovate! – We actively explore new ideas and approach change with agility and an open mind.
  • Own It/Solve It – We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and we collaborate for solutions.
  • In Joy – We create a workplace that is both fun and meaningful.

At LMH Health we value inclusion and diversity. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage all to apply.  Employment is decided on the basis of experience and qualifications that meet the business need.

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