Why JRI?

Creating a workplace in which diversity is valued and cultural humility is promoted are core values of JRI. Efforts to recruit, promote, and support culturally and linguistically diverse professionals as well as seek to mirror the demographics of the people we serve are critical to the success of our programs.

Professional Development Groups

We want our employees to think of their work at JRI as a career, not just a job. We encourage them to take every opportunity to grow. When people come to work at JRI, they have opportunities for advancement at every stage of their professional lives. That means helping them acquire new skills so they can shoulder new responsibilities, as JRI helps build the social justice workforce of the future.

Future and Leadership

Our Future and Leadership groups are professional development groups for staff who have either been identified by their supervisors as long-term employees and future leaders or who already have some experience as a leader. These groups are provided with support, networking opportunities, problem solving techniques and leadership skills. Since 2017, over two hundred employees have graduated from these groups.

Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring program matches mentors and mentees across the agency to help with connections and professional development goals.

I enjoyed the special opportunity to work with Tara Sagor, who was my mentor. I especially appreciated that she was a person who heard my ideas and related to my interest in trauma work. Moreover, she helped me explore other programs within JRI for support and raised the possibility of furthering my interests in work and education. She also helped me look into an advanced degree at Williams James College, Simmons and BU. I am grateful not just for Tara, but also for JRI for providing endless opportunities for staff.

Sivaing Suos

Mentee and Case Manager in JRI’s Community-Based Services Division

JRI is one of the Top 10 Places to Work for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The 10 organizations were selected from the Globe’s 2020 Top Places to Work rankings. These organizations received the highest scores on a survey focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Being on this list is a reflection of the work we are doing, at all levels of JRI. There is still more work to be done, and we pledge to stay engaged and work even harder.

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Supportive Communities and Conversations

As a social service agency devoted to social justice, we must do more than talk about racism, diversity and inclusion. We need to ensure that our employees are supported along their journey. One way this happens is creating safe spaces for our staff to be together to share, support and encourage conversations and learning.

Black Affinity Group

The Black Affinity Group was formed by Black employees and they meet regularly to discuss Black experiences within the agency. While it is an informal group formed by and for staff members, it brings feedback and suggestions to leadership.

The Black Affinity Group came together in the wake of the George Floyd murder and the racial/social reawakening of the nation. It was created to be a safe space for JRI staff who self-identify as Black, could come and share their thoughts, feelings, joys, and fears. We have been meeting every Friday since then. We hope this outlet will become a piece of the JRI legacy of social justice.

Larry Day

Co-Organizer of the Black Affinity Group

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