Clinical Supervisor

Mental Health and Recovery Services Columbus, Ohio Dayton, Ohio


The Clinical Supervisor in the Mental Health and Recovery Services Department is responsible for the management and supervision of clinic based Psychiatric Consultants and Psychiatric Technicians who provide a range of integrated services to the patients of the Health Center. These services are designed to meet the urgent and integrated mental health and substance related treatment needs that can interfere with a patient’s ability to successfully access primary health care.  The Clinical Supervisor assists the Director and Associate Director of Mental Health and Recovery Services in setting the tone and philosophy of the Department and facilitate the management and development of their direct reports. This includes, direct clinical supervision, monitoring billable service and overall productivity, supporting adherence to policies and procedures, monitoring grant funded services, and quality improvement. The Clinical Supervisor will also maintain a practice as time and program dictates. The individual will operate in accordance with the established professional standards and guidelines of respective national professional organizations (such as the National Association of Social Workers—NASW, American Counseling Association--ACA, or the American Psychological Association—APA); ODMHAS; CARF; Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist Board, and agree to adhere to standards for services and clinical supervision. 
Salary: $70,400-$88,000
Quality Customer Service 
  • Demonstrate unconditional positive regard; Conduct all aspects of job responsibilities with a focus on exceptional customer service.
  • Facilitate the integration of Mental Health and Recovery in all Health Center Spaces.
  • Provide and oversee the evidence based approaches in Crisis Assessment and Triage of patients needing Mental Health and Recovery Services.
  • Return patient, provider, and other stakeholder correspondence (phone, paper, electronic, fax, etc.) within 2 business days.
  • Process and problem solve with staff to ensure department providers are meeting standards and managing caseloads.
  • Assist with peer review, management on call and departmental supervision.
  • Assist with the Cohort training of Graduate Students in conjunction with other Clinical Supervisors, Volunteer Services and Associate Director of Mental Health and Recovery.
  • Build new and maintain ongoing relationships with other service providers serving the community.
  • Assist with creating access by monitoring schedules, templates and referral needs.
Excellence in Service Delivery 
  • Work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team in clinic and in client service offices.
  • Provide Clinical Supervision including developing and advancing crisis assessment skills,  psychotherapy, documentation, putting theory into practice, continuing education, lending emotional support, and identifying transference issues.
  • Maintain specific training to keep informed about current research, models, and needs assessments.
  • Demonstrate initiative and leadership by anticipating and problem solving service interruptions.
  • Ensure the accurate and timely reporting of Incident Reports.
  • Review the monthly grant, billable services, utilization reports and financial documents to ensure that provision of service matches what is outlined in specific grants.
Ethical Standards 
  • Maintain current licensure.
  • Provide training on ethics to Mental Health and Recovery Staff.
  • Ensure patients files and records are maintained as directed by agency policies and procedures that will be demonstrated by staff scoring no less than 90% on monthly peer reviews by:  review result with staff in individual supervision; Identify training needs; Implement training for staff.
  • Maintain confidentiality by ensuring staff follow agency and program policies and procedures.
  • Appropriate use of clinical supervision:  seeking individual supervision as needed; being prepared to actively participate in group supervision/meetings.
Commitment to Diversity and Nondiscrimination 
  • Continuous growth and development of Cultural Competency exhibiting an understanding, awareness, and respect for diversity.
  • Contribute to a positive work environment by demonstrating unconditional positive regard to all Equitas Health employees, interns, etc. that includes an understanding, awareness, and respect for diversity.
Fiscal Responsibility 
  • Review reports with staff in supervision; Identify areas that require attention such as time management skills, organizational skills, and utilization reports; provide training and ongoing coaching for identified needs.
  • Review outstanding billing discrepancies with Mental Health and Recovery Leaders and Billing Department on a Monthly basis; Follow up with staff in individual supervision to identify areas that require attention such as basic knowledge of billing requirements, time management, organizational skills.
Commitment to Safety 
  • Understand and abide by the policies and procedures set forth in the Safety Manual.
Nobility of Purpose 
  • Represent organization in community engaging other service providers and educating about special needs associated with HIV/AIDS in the primary care continuum.
  • Work in conjunction with Equitas Health committees related to clients’ needs and services including participation in peer review, Quality Committee, all improvement efforts, and department meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned related to this position by supervisor.

  • Minimum of LISW-S or LPCC-S Required
  • Must have direct-service experience of at least 3 years
  • Minimum of one year experience in supervising others
  • Scope of practice in Crisis Intervention

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and other Qualifications
Must have sensitivity to, interest in and competence in cultural differences, HIV/AIDS, minority health, sexual practices, substance dependency and a demonstrated competence in working with persons of color, and gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community.  Proficiency in using Electronic Medical Records and all Microsoft Office applications and other computer applications required.  Must have valid Ohio driver’s license and reliable transportation. Knowledge and adherence to respective behavioral health professional standards and ethics.  
Background and reference checks will be conducted. In accordance with Equitas Health’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy, pre-employment drug testing will be administered.  Hours may vary, including working some evenings and weekends based on workload.  Individuals are not considered applicants until they have been asked to visit for an interview and at that time complete an application for employment.  Completing the application does not guarantee employment. EOE/AA