Tech Resource Manager

Technology (I.T., and Systems) Mumbai, India



Job Title: Tech Resource Manager

Department: Tech

Location: Mumbai



Key Purpose of the Job:


The Tech Resource Manager would be responsible for analyzing, identifying, documenting, recommending and implementing policies and best practices for monitoring and managing production resource needs, such as disks, processors, licenses and workstations.  


Sitting between our Technology and Production departments, you will be relied upon heavily to forecast needs related to software licenses, render farm capacity and disk space.


Communication is key in this role because it’s your responsibility to ensure production team are sharing the available resources and improving workflows and practices so usage is as efficient as possible.


Working closely with the IT team, you’ll manage all licenses purchases and installations while also being the point of contact for all render farm and disk utilization questions.


You’ll also work together to develop tools for managing, monitoring and reporting on resources in the facility. Alongside this, it’s important that senior management is aware of our resources. Regular resource usage reports, forecasts and resource issues will need to be flagged when needed.




Needs to Be:

  • Excellent communicator
  • Organized
  • Enthusiastic
  • Confident



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