TV Animation Supervisor

Performance (Animation, Creature, and FX) Vancouver, Canada


Working closely with the Head of Animation and our Senior TV Management team, our TV Animation Supervisor plays a huge part in maintaining DNEG as a leading player in live-action VFX animation work. We rely heavily on our Supervisors to manage and supervise our animation team from juniors to leads to set the highest possible standards for animation quality.

Collaboration at DNEG is vital to produce high-quality work and our TV Animation Supervisors work closely with directors and VFX Supervisors to develop the performance of characters and creatures and ensure the continuity throughout the show. The TV Animation Supervisor will work closely with the producers of each show to assess shot bids and ensure the Animation team is able to deliver the work on time and at the expected quality of the deliverable milestone. They will also oversee many shows at any one time, and on occasion, require on-set attendance. They will be collaborating with other departments to make sure work is delivered within tight deadlines

The animation team at DNEG is a tight-knit department and it’s hugely important that the team enjoys the work they are undertaking and aware of the director’s vision. Our Animation Leads are there to support the supervisors and assists with casting shots to the team when needed. TV Animation Supervisors are also the point of contact for any animation requests from other departments. This includes the Build team to ensure the models are suitable for rigging and the Rigging department to guarantee the rig meets the animator’s need to control functionality, usability, and performance.

DNEG is continuously focused on improving our pipeline and we value input from all our Supervisors. By working closely with our R&D and Pipeline teams, it’s important our TV Animation Supervisors are vocal in their thoughts and suggestions to aid the delivery of high-quality animation. The TV Animation Supervisor will help standardize best practices for animation in our TV pipeline so we work as efficiently as possible.


 Must Haves

  • Thorough knowledge of relevant technologies in the field of CG animation.
  • Over 10 years of CG experience working on CG feature films and/or high-end episodic television content
  • Prior experience leading teams and the ability to delegate tasks when needed.
  • Experience working directly with clients and directors and comfortable submitting your thoughts
  • Ability to perform visual and analytical problem-solving in 3-dimensional space, including accurately interpret 3D layouts and analyze 3D form
  • Experience problem solving and predicting potential problems that may arise with assigned tasks

Nice to have

  • Experience with the demands of a television workflow
  • Experience with delivering high-quality animation performances for film

About You

  • Team orientated
  • A leader and mentor
  • Highly motivated
  • Adaptable
  • Accepting of change

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