Open Positions

01 Securitization-Analytics

Analytics & Financial Consulting (remote) United States
EOD - Intex Cashflow Modeler Rosslyn-Arlington, Virginia
Manager of Securitization Transactions Management / Analytics (remote) United States

02 Data Management

Associate Data analyst - Financial Services (remote) United States
Business analyst - mortgage domain United States
Capital Markets Risk and Data Analyst (remote) United States
Cashflow modeler (remote) United States
Data Analyst Rosslyn-Arlington, Virginia
Data Engineer
2 Locations
Feb 2022 hire - Associate Data analyst - Financial Services Rosslyn-Arlington, Virginia
Java UI / AWS developer - contractor United States
Multifamily Mortgage Financial Engineer (remote) United States
Python / SAS Developer United States
Python AWS Developer - contractor United States
Python/SAS/Pyspark/modeling consultant (remote) United States
Quantitative Developer - Mortgage domain United States

04 Products Platform

Business Development Analyst - Structured Finance SaaS United States
Managing Director of Sales and Strategic Relationships - Structured Transactions data analytics software
2 Locations
Mortgage Risk Model Development (remote) United States
Product Development Business analyst mortgage domain (remote) United States
Software manual test engineer - mortgage analytics - contractor United States

08 Corporate

Corporate IT Recruiter Rosslyn-Arlington, Virginia

10 Other

EOD - General - Join Our Expert-on-Demand Network Rosslyn-Arlington, Virginia

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