STEM Teacher

School Enrichment/STEM Whiteriver, Arizona




Job Description     

STEM Teacher     


JOB TITLE: Behavioral Health Technician (BHT) Science Technology Engineering and Math - Certified Teacher     


DIRECT SUPERVISOR: Grade-band Curriculum Developer, Program Director

POSITION: Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Teacher     



This position is responsible for creating, modifying, and teaching the STEM SEL curriculum and hands-on learning projects in classroom environments and during extracurricular activities outside of school. Supporting teachers and STEM SEL Instructors with the integration of STEM SEL projects to successfully integrate the use of effective strategies in order to enhance student learning through project-based learning.  The STEM SEL Teacher also acts as a Behavioral Health Technician, writing behavioral notes on specific students regarding the implementation of their Behavioral Learning Plan and as a teacher delivering lessons to students directly.  In addition, the STEM SEL Teacher's specific duties include teaching STEM Instructors and Technicians methods for delivering STEM projects and SEL lessons directly to students. The STEM SEL Teacher needs a valid Arizona teaching license to be able to work with students without direct supervision or assistance.



The primary responsibilities include:  Implement the STEM SEL curriculum for K-12 students; work directly with students as a STEM SEL Teacher; work directly to train STEM SEL Instructors and Technicians.  Implement the use of technology to deliver the STEM SEL lessons. Identify and report to STEM SEL Developers concerning learning needs, barriers and challenges in the organizing and implementation of STEM SEL curricula; and implement problem-solving actions.  Assist and provide input and support plans to implement STEM SEL curricula into existing courses or assist in developing new courses and curricula.  Ensure all program activities are directly connected to both the classroom expectations of the school or district and the vision of the STEM SEL Program.  Work directly with STEM SEL Instructors, Specialty Coaches, Developers and School Teachers in the development, implementation and evaluation of STEM SEL initiatives and curriculum.  Provide consistent communication with school Life Coaches on the integration of SEL activities within the classroom, and status reports on ABHS enrolled youth; establish a positive helping relationship with ABHS enrolled youth.  Participate in all trainings for staff related to STEM SEL integration in the classroom.  Share information and best practices in STEM SEL implementation with WUSD and STEM SEL staff.  Provide technical assistance during implementation of STEM SEL lessons.  Provide oversight for technology devices used in the classroom.  Coordinate and helps organize any special STEM SEL events/activities including before school, after school, lunchtime, weekends and holidays.  Promote and model continuous professional development.  Maintain current knowledge of ABHS and WUSD, state and federal laws, regulations and policies affecting STEM SEL education.  Communicate and work effectively with a variety of audiences.  Adhere to high ethical standards and demonstrates professionalism when acting as an agent of the STEM SEL program.  Complete all necessary documentation and training related to SEL activities for ABHS enrolled youth on a daily basis.   Must maintain confidentiality of records relating to ABHS enrolled youth. 


  1. Must be 21 years of age or older
  2. Must be able to meet all qualifications for a Behavioral Health Technician
  3. Must hold a valid AZ Teaching License and have at least 3 years of teaching experience



Work Monday through Friday 8 hours during school hours.  Work 40 hours a week during summer vacation and other times that school is out of session unless hired in a part-time position.  Good verbal and written communication skills, good problem-solving skills, word processing, electronic presentation, web navigation, and email management skills required.  Knowledge of computer security and confidentiality expectations.  Occasionally requires physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry, pull, or push heavy objects or materials.     



Bachelor’s Degree in a STEAM related field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Math) with teacher certification and/or a Bachelor's in Education with continuing education credits.



  1. Requires prolonged sitting or standing.
  2. Occasionally requires physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry, pull, or push heavy objects or materials.
  3. Occasional stooping, bending, and reaching.
  4. Must work indoors and occasionally outdoors year-round.
  5. Must work in noisy and crowded environments.


The above job description is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of duties and standards of the position Incumbents will follow any other instructions, and perform any other related duties, as assigned by their supervisor.     



Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time. The employment is considered “at will” and agree that employment can be terminated with or without cause and with or without notice at any time at the option of either the employee or the company.