STEM Instructional Coordinator

School Enrichment/STEM Whiteriver, Arizona


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POSITION: Instructional Coordinator 






The STEM Instructional Coordinator works closely with the STEM Curriculum and Instructor Developer to ensure that quality STEM projects and Curriculum are being delivered across the program.  This includes becoming closely acquainted with the STEM curriculum projects, creating project models and examples, and training, demonstrating, and modeling the delivery of the instruction to instructors and teachers. The STEM Instructional Coordinator aids in assisting and evaluating classroom management strategies as well as content delivery by providing resources and training to ABHS STEM Instructors and Teachers with the goal of improving the quality of instruction.  The STEM Instructional Coordinate will facilitate the scheduling of these projects with School Teachers and Administrators.  The STEM Instructional Coordinator is also responsible for teaching and delivering STEM content to larger student groups at special STEM events, field trips, and other out-of-school opportunities.  The STEM Instructional Coordinator may be assigned to be responsible for the management of a building location in which these out-of-school opportunities are facilitated.  Additionally, the STEM Instructional Coordinator is instrumental in planning and implementing STEM events and programming outside of the classroom and during summer camps.  The Instructional Coordinator assists Instructors, Teachers, and SEL Specialists in strategies for implementing SEL within the classroom or STEM activity with the goal of effectively addressing individual ABHS client treatment goals. The Instructional Coordinator needs to be capable of delivering Behavioral Health Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons providing therapeutic services delivered to individuals and small groups of ABHS school-aged clients. 

Separate from the STEM Instructional duties, the Robotics, Clubs, and Competition Coordinator is a management position responsible for managing ABHS STEM staff at multiple designated school locations. 



  1. STEM Instructional Duties.

a.       Study STEM lesson plans and become familiar with the subject matter of each project in the STEM program. 

b.      Create project examples and models for classroom STEM projects ahead of their implementation in the classroom. 

c.       Work with STEM Curriculum Developers to review lesson content, lesson implementation, classroom management, and lesson delivery in preparation. 

d.      Work with STEM Instructors and Teachers to evaluate the delivery of lesson content after implementation. 

e.       Teach lessons of STEM projects in the classroom to model the project for STEM Instructors and Teachers. 

f.        Provide large group instruction of STEM projects to students during out-of-school events and activities. 

g.      Provide instruction to STEM staff on technical content including but not limited to Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D printing, Electrical Engineering, Coding and Laser Cutting and Engraving. 

  1. Behavioral Health Duties.

a.       As needed, leading Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Groups separate from STEM instruction time.   

b.      Responsible for learning the SEL Curriculum for the purpose of planning the integration of the Curriculum with STEM instruction. 

c.       Responsible for attending all required online and in-person Behavioral Health training. 

d.      Responsible for obtaining required clinical supervision from a Behavioral Health clinical supervisor. 

e.       Provide consistent communication with Clinicians, ABHS School Therapists, School Coaches and SEL Specialists to assist in the delivery of Behavioral Health services of ABHS enrolled clients. 


  1. STEM Events Responsibilities.

a.       Participate in all aspects of planning, scheduling, and providing out-of-school events sponsored by the ABHS STEM program including robotics and club competition events. 

b.      Responsible for organizing and providing out-of-school STEM projects, STEM field trips, and Camp Opportunities for youth. 


  1. STEM Work Group and Management Responsibilities.

a.       Serve as direct supervisor for STEM staff at a minimum of one school location.  This includes handling leave requests and assuring that all STEM services are being provided at the school location. 

b.      Serve as a manager for a STEM Building location, including the management of STEM equipment at the location. 

c.       Serve on the following ABHS STEM Workgroups:  STEM and SEL Curriculum Planning, Robotics Competition and Club Instruction, School Program Facilitation, STEM Building.

  1. Procurement Duties.

a.       Taking inventory of school supplies to ensure that supplies are requested by memo and on hand for upcoming STEM projects. 

b.      Taking inventory of STEM building supplies to make sure project and equipment supplies are requested by memo and in stock to deliver STEM projects. 


  1. Training Responsibilities.

a.       Responsible for professional development and any additional CEU’s or specific training needed to ensure the function of the STEM building and machines, or adequately train Instructors and Teachers on new technologies. 

b.      Responsible for professional development and any additional CEU’s or specific training needed to ensure that Instructors and Teachers can be trained, and the classroom STEM projects can be delivered effectively. 


  1. Communication Responsibilities.

Communicate with STEM Curriculum and Instructor Developers regarding STEM lesson content and delivery.  Communicate with School STEM Instructors and Teachers regarding training and the upcoming project calendar.  Communicate with School District Staff on Scheduling projects and maintain a STEM Building Calendar of Events.  Communicate with the UA/4H cooperative extension program or other outside entities regarding the provision of out of school programs. 


  1. Abide by all applicable policies, procedures, and program standards of ABHS, White Mountain Apache Tribe, Indian Health Services, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) and other pertinent regulatory authorities.
  2. Maintain ethical policies and guidelines as outlined in accepted State ethics laws, rules, policies and principles and as outlined in discipline-specific code of ethics.
  3. Provide a positive role model to clients and staff through leadership, self-discipline, and genuine care for the treatment and recovery of clients. All clients and staff members must be treated with dignity and respect.
  4. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.



  1. Possession of a bachelor’s degree in mental health/human services or education related field.
  2. Possession of a current substitute teacher’s license in the state of Arizona.
  3. 2 Years experience with a STEM educational program or other related experience.
  4. One year of mental health experience preferred; experience working with Native Americans preferred.
  5. Excellent written and oral communication skills; ability to speak the Apache language preferred. 
  6. Demonstrate strong critical thinking, problem-solving and organizational and time management skills.
  7. Strong interpersonal skills with an ability to work effectively with a wide range of people, teams, managers, supervisors, including basic knowledge of supervising and evaluating staff.
  8. Valid Arizona Driver’s License and reliable transportation.
  9. MS Office proficiency and ability to create electronic teaching materials.
  10. Ability to pass all pre-employment testing, including, but not limited to, fingerprint clearance, drug testing and background check.


**NOTE: Preference in filling vacancies is given to qualified Indian candidates in accordance with the Indian Preference Act (Title 25, U.S. Code, Section 472 and 473). 



The physical characteristics described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job.  


Constant: standing. Frequent: repetitive use of hand, walking, standing, bending neck and waist, squatting, climbing, kneeling, twisting neck and waist, simple grasping of left and right hand, power grasping right and left hand, fine manipulation right and left hand, pushing and pulling right and left hand, reaching above shoulder level, reaching below shoulder level, lifting objects weighing up to 75 pounds from below the waist to a height of 3 feet.   


Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.  The employment is considered “at will” and agree that employment can be terminated with or without cause and with or without notice at any time at the option of either the employee or the company.