Financial Consultant, Indonesia

Finance & Accounting Jakarta, Indonesia


WRI intends to award a consultant a ten-month  reimbursable contract for supporting WRI Global, WRI Indonesia, and HSBC Indonesia to support financial sector stakeholders in Indonesia, including bank and bankers’ associations, in identifying and developing investment opportunities for industrial clean energy solutions.

Program Overview

In pursuing a transition to clean energy for large-scale energy consumers, World Resources Institute (WRI) works with businesses to advance decarbonization in their operational and supply chains, accelerating a just transition toward net zero emissions while balancing the need for economic development. By doing so, we aim to increase Southeast Asian industries’ competitiveness through stronger standards and climate mitigation/adaptation measures that significantly contribute to regional emissions reduction. WRI believes that sustainable development requires integrated approaches to achieving interlinked economic, social and environmental goals.

The Climate Solutions Partnership is a multi-year collaboration among HSBC, WRI, and local partners to support energy transition plans in several countries, including Indonesia. Through this project, we provide technical assistance to businesses in planning and implementing their decarbonization journeys, provide policy analysis and recommendations to key ministries, and work together with utilities to develop efficient and sustainable electricity products accessible to businesses. As an important part of our technical assistance, we identify and facilitate financing opportunities for clean energy solutions in industrial facilities. This includes quantifying the demand for clean energy in selected industrial sectors and/or industrial parks, carrying out technology and financial solutions gap assessments and matchmaking, and increasing the capacity of the financial institutions in Indonesia to invest in industrial clean energy solutions.

Scope of Work and Deliverables/Outputs

  • Lead compilation of financial data related to clean energy solutions to be deployed in target location/s in Indonesia.
    • Obtain financial (Capex, Opex, and other country-specific financial metrics) data for a suite of clean energy solutions from credible and up-to-date primary and secondary sources.
    • Assess financial viability and overall project feasibility of proposed clean energy solutions.
    • Recommend practical and implementable solutions and/or recommendations to strengthen the financial viability of proposed clean energy solutions.
  • Collaborate with WRI staff to develop an “Answers to Common Questions” Guide for the financial sector in Indonesia
    • Act as a local liaison to organize consultation meetings with the local financial sector and other stakeholders to identify key topics for the “Answers to Common Questions” guide for the financial sector in Indonesia.
    • Work with WRI staff to develop the Guide, focusing on barriers and opportunities for investment in the selected technologies for the industrial value chain.
  • Lead stakeholder consultations in Indonesia to explore investment opportunities, financial instruments, and innovative business models for industrial clean energy investment, as agreed jointly with the WRI team and partners.
    • Plan and host stakeholder consultation sessions (in person or virtual) with local and international financial institutions, government and utility officials, technology manufacturers and suppliers, renewable energy developers, and private investors.
    • Prepare findings from the consultations in formats specified by the WRI team. Incorporate feedback from WRI, HSBC and the Project Advisory Committee into the final version of the findings.
    • Draft the Report “Findings from Consultations on Industrial Clean Energy Investment Opportunities.”
  • Support the WRI Team in Undertaking and Documenting a Transaction Process for Private Sector Clean Energy Investment.
    • Lead local engagement to establish a Consultation Group of Financial Institutions in Indonesia. Identify and engage with participating banks and related external and internal experts to participate in the Consultation Group.
    • Work with the WRI team to consult with the Consultation Group to develop the work scope: Host one or more meetings with the Consultation Group to define the scope, structure, technology(ies), and participants of the transaction.
    • Develop transaction process - Work with WRI team and other identified parties to create a detailed plan for the transaction covering technology providers, financing terms, and timelines; and to sign agreements as appropriate.
    • Work with WRI team to develop non-proprietary documentation of the transaction process. Incorporate feedback from WRI, HSBC, and other stakeholders in Indonesia.
  • Facilitate engagement with Indonesian policymakers and Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) partners to share project findings.
    • Work with WRI project and communications staff to prepare project materials to share in JETP and other high-level meetings and to communicate the project results to policymakers.
    • Organize meetings and presentations to share project findings with decision-makers in collaboration with JETP processes and with the Asia Clean Energy Coalition (ACEC) and the Clean Energy Demand Initiative (CEDI).
    • Provide logistical and planning support for activities to share the final report with key policymakers and stakeholders.
    • Support WRI’s communication and engagement activities to share the project findings.
  • Increase WRI’s research excellence and partnerships on climate finance.
    • Provide capacity building to WRI internally on climate finance as necessary.
    • Co-lead and co-author the development of WRI research and publications related to financial sector transformation to support industrial decarbonization and the energy transition agenda.
    • Work with finance experts in other WRI Indonesia teams to map out climate finance gaps and opportunities, and design WRI’s strategic interventions in the financial sector.
    • Provide advice to WRI Indonesia’s Energy and Sustainable Business team on enhancing the climate finance perspective in our knowledge products and key messages.
    • Together with WRI Indonesia’s Energy and Sustainable Business team, provide capacity-building sessions to financial institutions, policymakers, and large enterprises on financing decarbonization.

Consultant Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in business, finance, international development, or relevant field required.
  • At least 5 to 8 years of practical and industry experience with the financial sector or financial policymakers in Indonesia, including roles inside a bank or a private sector financial institution
  • Excellent analytical skills, with comfort and speed in financial modeling and/or financial engineering
  • Excellent communication skills and experience engaging financial institutions and policymakers
  • Experience drafting financial documents, including transaction instructions, business models, and financial instruments
  • Good working knowledge of investment in industrial clean energy solutions
  • Flexibility in working with dynamic projects and comfortable with tight timelines in a diverse cultural environment across multiple time zones
  • Fluent in English and Indonesian
  • Able to work in Indonesia, based in Jakarta 

Evaluation and Selection

The following elements will be the primary considerations in evaluating all applications submitted in response to this posting:

  • Submission of resume with a cover letter;
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience with similar projects;
  • Overall cost of the applicant’s proposal;
  • The extent to which the consultant’s qualifications fulfills WRI’s stated requirements as set out above;
  • Debarment and sanctions – WRI will not consider proposals from vendors/consultants, etc. that are presently debarred by the U.S. government or named on any restricted parties lists;
  • Sustainability – WRI values sustainability and all other factors being equal, will favor a proposal to more sustainably perform the work.  

The consultant offering the best overall value will be selected. For this position, price and non-price aspects are considered to be relatively more important than price. 

Compliance Requirements: WRI receives funding from a variety of sources, including governments and other non-governmental organizations. In addition to WRI’s standard contract terms, certain funder conditions may apply. 

How to Apply

Applicants must apply through the WRI Careers portal to be considered