Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Wallick's employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) allows you to be a shareholder and benefit from our company's profitability. As an employee-owner, you can enjoy a valuable source of retirement income and feel more invested in our mission. Join us and become a partner in creating thriving communities.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

At Wallick, we’ll help you reach your potential while you help others reach theirs.

We are a team that strives to do business with integrity, excellence, and a joy in helping others. We’re a company that respects people, helps individuals grow, encourages innovation, and promotes hard work balanced by family time and a fair amount of fun. We don’t just say the right things, we do them—without compromise.

From our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio to our various communities across the Midwest, Wallick is a great place to work.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging.

Four impactful words. One powerful and transformative journey. Here at Wallick, we know that when we invest in the equity of each group, all groups benefit. It’s not about one person, one idea, nor any one action. It’s about what we can accomplish together. Join us and work towards creating an inclusive and diverse workforce experience at Wallick.