Project Engineer / Design - Coupling Technology

Engineering Easton, Pennsylvania


Position:              Project Engineer / Design- Coupling Technology

Location:             Product Development, Engineering Department

Reports to:         Technology Director, Manager and/or Technology Group Leader


Responsible for the development and maintenance of commercially successful Victaulic products.  These products include: New and revised products for Victaulic and its subsidiaries.

 Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Development is from inception through steady state production, which often includes:
  • Concept generation.
  • Specific design ideas to satisfy concept(s).
  • Presentation and communication of ideas.
  • Modeling of concept (via drawings and/or hardware).
  • Interfacing with Product Managers/Marketing/Sales to refine concept to meet customer requirements.
  • Costing of initial design.

Leading of a multi-departmental team (formal or informal) in the execution of detailed design all the way through to the product being marketed including:
  • Design to meet requirements and manufacturability issues.
  • Detail drawing review and approval.
  • Vendor selection participation (in-house or out).
  • Prototyping.
  • Testing against requirements.
  • Solving design problems.
  • Scrutiny and review of detailed cost estimates.
  • Leading a design review to assure customer and performance requirements are met.
  • Resolving tolerance issues.
  • Development of EI/EP/ES's as appropriate.
  • Participation in tooling selection.
  • Approval of tooling based on samples.
  • Participation in evaluation of pilot production runs and problem solving.
  • Technical literature drafts and approval.
  • Education/training of Marketing/Sales and Engineering Services staff about new product.

Specific policies and procedures have been established by the Engineering Department to provide for the security and accessibility of electronic data and confidential information. It is the responsibility of the employee, in the daily course of doing business, to follow said policies as they relate to document management (see EOG-26). The extent to which departmental research and development information is stored electronically has vastly increased, and will continue to do so. The new Federal rules pertaining to electronic discovery stipulate that substantive email communications constituted "records" under the Federal Records Act. It is therefore the responsibility of each departmental employee to understand their role in communicating via e-mails and that all e-mails must be written/responded to in a professional manner.

 Monthly travel to agencies, vendors, manufacturing sites in support of assigned projects. 

Contribute to future new product ideas, which will benefit Victaulic and positively differentiate Victaulic from our competition (Vision).


  • BS / MS in appropriate engineering field with 2-6 years of experience.
  • Commercially successful experience in product development involving Product Technology or related products/processes.
  • Successful project management experience inclusive of taking projects from concept through production.
  • Creative, able to generate concepts with good potential that meet project requirements. Well-developed business communication skills.
  • Experience with pressurized equipment is a plus.