Shop Decatur, Georgia


Position at Swift Corporate

Primary Purpose and Essential Functions: To maximize the efficiency of the maintenance work force and ensure cost effective utilization of the maintenance facility. (Large terminal 26-50+ shop personnel, Medium terminal 16-25 shop personnel, Small terminal 0-15 shop personnel)A Terminal Service Leader may be promoted to an Area Service Leader if they are leading a minimum of 1 additional facility with in 250 miles that has a minimum of 4 employees and an on-site shop. Service trucks operating from the main terminal do not qualify as an Area Leader position.

  1. Leads the maintenance shop and provides daily supervision of shop supervisors/lead persons/shop employees.
  2. Follows company procedures to ensure parts are purchased through Swift national accounts. Monitors the purchasing and takes corrective action when out of compliance.
  3. Responsible for parts inventories, fuel inventories, receipts and processing of Po's for payment of parts, outside labor and repairs.
  4. responsible for local warranty claims and the warranty returns process.
  5. Communicates truck availability status; responsible for repair decisions made on equipment in the region.
  6. Responsible for employee training using the Swift M grade training packet, ensures that each technician has an up to date packet and a process for signing them off on each shift. Responsible for training safety programs for maintenance employees, OSHA, EPA, Right to Know, and Forklift certification.
  7. Leads accident estimates and bids for equipment outsourced from their location.
  8. Responsible for building and yard maintenance to ensure the shop is equipped adequately and safely.
  9. Interviews and hires prospective maintenance employees.
  10. Ensures the shop meets all government regulations (state and federal E.P.A. OSHA).
  11. Negotiates with local vendor for uniforms, trash, hazardous material disposal, chemical supplies, etc.
  12. Responsible for the completion of OEM and Swift recalls on their assigned equipment and equipment repaired at their facility.
  13. Responsible for the preventative maintenance of the equipment assigned to their terminal as well as through traffic and trailers located at customer sites with in 200 miles. Ensures that Swift trailers located on their yards are inspected daily through safety lanes or yard checks. Ensures assigned customer locations have a written schedule on when tire inflation and safety checks are performed.
  14. Leads customer site trailer maintenance and is responsible to increase uptime and to reduce outsourcing, improve customer satisfaction, and communicates high cost areas to the Regional Directors. Provides feed back on Customer site programs.
  15. Performs periodic on site inspections at their yards and customer locations to evaluate the success of their Shop Operations maintenance program.
  16. Interacts with all departments to measure maintenance performance; make corrective action recommendations based on findings.
  17. Participates in field maintenance cost reduction programs and interacts effectively with company and departmental personnel.
  18. Conduct and/or coordinate reviews of SOP programs and policies to ensure appropriate support is provided to their shop.
  1. Skills: Computer keyboarding, 10-key, good verbal and written communication. FOR LAREDO, TX ONLY: Must be bilingual in English and Spanish for the purpose of verbal and written communication.
  2. Education: High school diploma or GED
  3. Experience Required: Four years heavy duty vehicle and one year maintenance supervision or a minimum of 2 years in a Foreman position, accounting and business leadership desired, parts and tire experience helpful, experience in OSHA, EPA helpful, along with hiring and interviewing also helpful with experience in vendor negotiating a plus.