Finish Line Lead - CANADA

Festival Toronto, Canada


Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Prepare all finish line products in an effective and organized manner; each bay (opening) under the tent gets a different product, make sure the area looks prepped, clean and inviting for customers/racers to come and gather their items.
  • Educate the volunteers of the different tasks they will be asked to do, aid and take care of the volunteers in your zone, provide breaks and snacks when needed.
  • Supervise and maintain a throughput that results in little to no lines in the finish line sequence
  • Communicate with your Festival Manager if you feel you are going to run low or out of any of the product provided in the finish chute throughout the day 
  • Manage volunteers and support staff in an efficient and deliberate manner through delegation of tasks.
  • Supervise the distribution of product being handed out by the volunteers.
  • Supervise the collection of timing chips from racers as they finish.
  • Ensure that all bracelets have been removed from the timing chips.
  • Clean all timing chips with water- as instructed by the Festival Manager and Festival Lead
  • Maintain a clean and trash free zone.

*This description reflects management’s assignment of essential functions, however, it does not restrict other tasks that may be assigned.


  • Be able to supervise 15+ people at one time.
  • Be prepared and comfortable with working outside in all severe weather situations.
  • Be willing to keep a positive attitude throughout the entirety of Race Day(s).
  • Be physically capable of working long hours, 12+ days consecutively. 
  • Be willing to learn the processes set in place, while maintaining an analytical and problem solving mindset to improve these procedures.

Qualities required of all Spartan team members:

Spartan Race is a high-performance organization, and successful team members must therefore possess a strong work ethic and hands-on approach to business. We are innovative, create inventive solutions, and are exceptionally service minded. Team members at Spartan change lives, and have a passion for the organization. Paramount to our organization is the maturity to embrace ambiguity and ability to adapt according to the market and the continuing innovation of the organization. 

  • Ability to hold one-self accountable and an aptitude for prioritizing multiple projects
  • Strong sense of teamwork with the ability to foster relationships 
  • Proactive, solutions-oriented; capability to identify efficiencies and decrease costs while maintaining a quality workplace environment and product
  • Collegial approach to a business environment and cooperative work style
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • A valid, updated passport