Content Marketing Specialist

Marketing Montreal, QC

Position at Seedbox Technologies

Content Marketing Specialist

Top 5 reasons why you want this job:
As a Content Marketing Specialist:

  1. Your talent is considered a crucial element to the teams’ success.
  2. Your ability to collaborate with different important stakeholders will make the difference.
  3. You will provide and share ideas and we will listen and appreciate!
  4. You will develop skills and gather knowledge beyond your imagination.
  5. You will enjoy flex time in a cool and casual environment! 
What kind of challenges await you at Seedbox?
  • Quickly identify over-performing and under-performing content in order to react and/or make changes quickly;
  • Conjunctly responsible for pre-production for any project that requires it;
  • Communicate with content directors to provide insights on content performance and trends;
  • Recommend new content to produce on a monthly basis build on industry’s trends, data and competition;
  • Prepare monthly content performance analyses for partners;
  • Produce specific reports and analyses upon partner request;
  • Maintain a well-rounded perspective of the market and our brands using information gathered via data analysis, benchmarking, member feedback and other teams’ findings;
  • Work closely with the Pre-production Writer to develop product visions and brand guidelines;
  • Support the Content Marketing manager in her initiatives to reinforce the understanding and the respect of all the product visions;
  • Provide the post-production and design teams with informative feedback on content used for thumbnails and marketing assets;
  • Provide market research and specific content recommendations for new projects;
  • Actively participate in site launch marketing plans;
  • Act as the main person responsible for promoting brand content to members, and work closely with other team members on comment moderation;
  • Inform existing users of new marketing initiatives through beamer, forums and other communication tools;
  • Share all content team’s feedback with partners;
  • Validate partners’ commitments and reinforce content delivery guidelines;
  • Support the Content Marketing Manager with new initiatives.
Any resemblance to the character described below is purely coincidental but means that we want you at Seedbox…
  • Educational background in Marketing, Business or Communication;
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience in online marketing, content creation or similar;
  • Good knowledge of the different stages going into content production such as preparing scripts, communicating with production teams, coordinating with post-production and marketing teams;
  • Solid understanding of marketing principles;
  • Good knowledge of various content platforms such as websites, tube sites, social media, and print media;
  • Ability to analyze content and consumer trends quickly;
  • Able to perform effectively under tight deadlines;
  • Organized with strong planning skills;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Detail-oriented.

Are you also… 

  • Creative, imaginative, and open-minded?
  • Recognized for paying attention to detail?
  • Passionate and innovative?

Yes! We can’t wait to welcome you so apply today!