Building Maintenance

Maintenance King Cove, United States


Peter Pan Seafood Company is looking for a candidate who will be responsible for plumbing, electrical, access control and HVAC maintenance as well as any other duties assigned by the Facilities Chief Engineer. We’re looking for a professional who can take the initiative and help anticipate problems before they occur. The ideal candidate will be able to communicate effectively with his team, visitors and anyone else they encounter on the job.

Essential Functions:

  • Evaluate, repair and maintain plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems in the building
  • Communicate with facilities management about any work that requires outside expert assistance
  • Receive and respond to housing issues reports of mechanical or maintenance issues on the premises
  • Work with tools and supplies necessary to complete projects
  • Maintain management safety procedures at all times and comply with access control regulations
  • Evacuate building in the event of an emergency
  • Maintain fire, carbon monoxide, smoke and other safety systems within the structure
  • Calibrate instruments and tools required for job responsibilities
  • Inspect and evaluate all mechanical aspects of the buildings and other areas in the facility.

Additional Responsibilities:

Performs other similar or related duties as requested or assigned.


High School Diploma/GED or equivalent is preferred. Two or more years of building maintenance experience preferred.