A Culture of Quality, Service and Stewardship. Since 1898

Peter Pan Seafood

Peter Pan Seafood, operates 4 seafood processing locations in remote Alaska. We are proud to be a US owned and operated company, serving our communities for over 120 years.

About Peter Pan Seafood

For over 120 years, Peter Pan Seafood has supported Alaska fishermen and fishing communities and delivered world class seafood, responsibly, to seafood lovers everywhere.

As one of Alaska’s oldest continuously operated seafood processors, we understand the value of sustainable seafood first hand. Alaskan fisheries not only represent the livelihood of Peter Pan Seafood, but we are the cornerstones of our communities. We work ever day to put the best seafood on tables around the world and are investing in the future of an industry that will sustain us for generations to come.

Months of Operation