Below, applicants will find the steps they will need to take to join the Odawa Team. Should you have any questions throughout the process please contact the Odawa Recruiting Team at 231-439-5380 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

*Keep a close eye on your emails, this is how we will communicate with you and keep you updated on the process. This is also where you will receive interview invitations, job offers and other important information.

To comply with Indian Preference in Tribal Employment, all postings must remain open for a minimum of seven (7) days before any offers are made.

Our Benefits


Odawa Casino offers one of the best benefits packages in the area. Regular Full-Time Team Members are eligible for the following Benefits:

  • Comprehensive medical plan with affordable weekly contributions.
  • Employer provided Long Term Disability.
  • Employer provided Basic Life Insurance.
  • 401k plan with up to 3% Employer match.
  • Voluntary Short Term Disability.
  • Voluntary Flex Spending Account.
  • Voluntary additional life insurance.
  • Voluntary Symetra Brella products.
PTO/Vacation Time

We offer a very generous PTO package to all “Regular Full-Time Team Members.”

*Based on an averaged 40 hour work week 52 weeks a year:

  • During the 1st year: 1 ½ weeks’ vacation time.
  • After one (1) year: 2 weeks’ vacation time.
  • After two (2) years: 2 ½ weeks’ vacation time.
  • After five (5) years: 3 weeks’ vacation time.
  • After seven (7) years: 4 weeks’ vacation time.
  • After ten (10) years: 5 weeks’ vacation time.
Personal Days

We realize that “life happens”. To help achieve a healthy work-life balance, all Regular Team Members who have completed their initial introductory period, will receive one (1) Personal Day per quarter beginning January 1st of each calendar year.


24 hours of paid bereavement leave, per occurrence, for immediate family members as defined in the handbook.

40 hours of paid bereavement leave, per occurrence, for spouse, son/daughter.

Parental Leave for Full-Time Team Members

240 hours of paid Parental Leave for the birth or adoption of a child.

Team Members are eligible after 12 consecutive months of employment.

Recognized Holidays
  • Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, LTBB Sovereignty Day (September 21st), Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Year’s Eve.
  • All hourly Team Members who work the Holiday will receive 1.5 times their base wage.
Tuition & Textbook Reimbursement

Regular Full-Time Team Members - Up to $800 per semester (not to exceed $2400 per calendar year).

Team Members are eligible after 6 consecutive months of employment.


Required uniforms and dry cleaning are provided by the casino at no expense to the Team Member.

Food Discounts

On and off-shift food discounts (excluding alcohol).

Years of Service & Perfect Attendance Rewards, random monthly gift drawings, plus much, much more!
Employee Assistance Program- Behavioral Health Services



Compensation is dependent on the position in which you accept and will be discussed with you during your interview.

Hourly Non-Tipped Minimum Starting Wage is $16.00 per hour, and all Tipped Positions start at $9.00 per hour.

Medical Insurance Opt Out Program

All Regular Full-Time benefit eligible Team Members that choose to “opt-out” of the Odawa Group Medical Plan will be eligible to receive an opt-out premium of $100 per week (taxable). **If you are on the Odawa Group Medical Plan under a parent, spouse, or other, you will not be eligible to receive the “opt out” premium.

Team Members are paid weekly.

Shift/Weekend Shift Premiums

Shift & Weekend Shift premiums may be paid to all Non-Exempt Team Members for hours worked as defined by the General Manager. Shift premiums for the following year will be determined and approved by the General Manager and Director of Human Resources no later than November 15th of each calendar year with notification to all Team Members.