Career Kickstart

Project-Based Learning

Career Mentoring

Industry Networking

Technical Skill Building

Sample Timeline

7 Months

Phase I

RF Lab Bootcamp

Gain intensive practical experience on the bench and master the latest measurement best practices on state-of-the-art instrumentation for a vast range of RF, microwave and mmWave devices.

4 Months

Phase II

Manufacturing Rotation

Get involved in the critical areas of Mini-Circuits’ production process and understand how supply chain, assembly and QA fit into the journey of our products from concept to catalog.

7 Months

Phase III

Applications Residency

Use your knowledge and experience to work directly with customers from some of the world’s biggest technology companies and offer solutions to real-world engineering problems.

I’m really proud of our integrity and ethics as business people. We’re here to provide solutions for everyone’s wellbeing–not just our customers, but our team members, suppliers and partners as well. We see value in everyone we touch. We treat people fairly and respectfully, and I think that sets us apart from other companies. — Product Line Engineer
If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask which one, just get on.’ After I completed my masters, I knew which seat I wanted but I didn’t know where my rocket ship was. So, when I saw that Mini-Circuits actually creates components that go into rocket ships, I took that as a sign. — Director of Learning & Development
Everyone here is like family. People support each other and are always willing to share their knowledge. I've enjoyed opportunities to work with all kinds of data to generate insights and see firsthand how my work contributes to high-level decision making. — Marketing Analyst


Hands-on Experience

Apply your engineering knowledge to real-world scenarios alongside leading industry professionals.


In addition to working alongside a wide variety of senior leaders, there are many opportunities to participate in global conferences, webinars, and public speaking events.


Enrollment to the Engineering Pipeline Journey is Competitive.


  • MSEE preferred or BSEE.
  • Coursework or project experience on RF and Microwave communications circuits analysis and design as well as analog communications circuits design is required.